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It's Magic, 1.16.19 1:15 pm
Had a dental appointment yesterday and had a Spiritual event happen and wanted to share. When the dentist started working, he said, "now don't forget breath in your nose and out of your mouth". Well, I decided to amp it up a bit. I said to myself, I will breath in Holy Spirit air. Then saw the colorful glitter energy that I associate with healing energy from the Holy Spirit. Then the dentist starts singing “It’s Magic you know” from the 1975 song “It’s Magic”. He then said, "hum I wonder where that come from, I’ve not heard that song in a long time”. My Spirit had a good laugh about that. The reason being, I used to have good natured disagreements about magic with a woman I knew. She would tell me it was magic I was doing and I would say no, it’s the Holy Spirit energy.

The energy continued after the appointment. When I left the dentist office I thought about going back to work and immediately thought, no go home. Then I thought, hum maybe I should do some grocery shopping since I’m off work early. Again, no go home. So I headed home which is about 30 min from my location. As soon as I crossed into the city limits of where I live, the low tire indicator flashed on in my car. I drove directly to a tire store, which is near where I live. There was a nail in the tire so they were able to fix it.

I love the Holy Spirit energy!
Thanks given by: Goldengirl , twiceblessed9
Just goes to show we should always take time and listen to that quiet voice within. Good job Cassandra!
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9

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