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Judge Paul Woo-something, 6.23.17
Last night I had multiple dreams. One was more a vision of sorts. I was looking at a screen and at the bottom left corner, was a picture. Then I heard Paul Woo-something. I don't remember the last name in it's entirety. This morning when I woke up I remembered that scene and thought again, I wonder why I saw that and for what reason. Then I heard, Oh that's Judge Paul Woo-something.  Still, I could not make out the last name. So I googled what I remember and found this.

Judge Paul Woodward, Grant Co, OK.

Judge Paul Wooten, Brooklyn, NY.

Afterthoughts: If this means something to someone, let me know because I have no idea why I saw this.
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This keeps calling out to me every time I see it on today's threads. We ahould keep an eye on it.
Thanks given by: Julie
The guy in the picture is Caucasian & so is the Judge from OK. The judge from NY is not Caucasian.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl

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