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Life is good
05/12/2016 AM
No intent
Mood: feeling that life is good

I have just finished my shower, put on my shirt, put a feminine napkin on and pulled up my undies.

My ten year old son enters the room saying that there is a toddler in the kitchen bleeding from a cut on his head. I run to the kitchen, examine the child’s four inch head gash, apply a styptic and three butterfly Band-Aids then turn to the mother and tell her to keep the wound clean with this (I give her a small box of sterile wipes) replace the Band-Aids in a few days (I also give her a box of Band-Aids) and to come back in a week.

After she leaves there are several minor injuries to tend to and a very old man that wants to get some opiates for his dying wife. It has been a very busy two hours.

I go to the kitchen and I see my husband and fourteen year old son at the breakfast bar having a drink of some kind. I am asked if I want a coffee and I say yes.
As I sit down I suddenly realize that I have no pants on! My husband says that he can see that I am on my cycle. I am not embarrassed but I realize that the feminine napkin has moved sideways and is showing. My son laughs at me and says that it shows that I care for my patients more than modesty. I leave to go get a robe or some pants.

I am thinking how crazy life is when you are a doctor living in a Yurt house with a husband and six sons when my eldest, twenty-one year old, son enters with a stringer of fish that someone gave him as payment for my services. Good thing we like fish as it is a common payment, that and chicken.

My patients were from several ethnic groups, the child was black.
I do not know what country I was in.
The Yurt house had several yurts connected to make a bigger house and is partly clinic.
None of the people’s faces were familiar to me.
We were a white family.
I have no ideas about what the other family members do for work.
I do know that this house/family was/is filled with love, laughter and learning.

I am no doctor, have no sons, live in the suburbs and office work is my forte.
Thanks given by: Cassandra , twiceblessed9
Hmmm...Escholars...since true Yurts are from Mongolia, that you would call them 'Yurts' may be a locale telling. Then again, the Icelandic peoples (Native Peoples) use Yurts, too, in herding their Reindeer. Mentioning a black child might indicate either a North America tie-in for a survival situation, OR, may indicate a similar (but not exactly) Yurt use that can be found in NW Africa (actually, they are not Yurts, per-se, but appear as one to those not familiar with all their structural nuances.

Hope some of this helps regarding 'placement' of your dream.
Thanks given by: esholars
I find it interesting that even though you're in a yurt, you seem to have access to medical supplies and drugs. Connections to a world that can still supply said items. And you seem to have no stress that your world is in flux or transition. This could be either a "today" dream, or about "after" some kind of calamity, but we are getting along somehow.
Thanks given by: esholars

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