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Manufactured Man
I had this dream 5/15/2016 but I can't remember much of it.

I'm watching this man walk up to a sort of platform, but I couldn't see what was on it because there was a thick, blue curtain blocking my view. Anyway, the man knelt down and started pleading whatever was behind that curtain to acknowledge him as a REAL person. It seemed like this man had been manufactured, but he wasn't a cyborg or anything, he seemed totally organic. Like a real human man. I feel like lots and lots of people have been created the way this man was to be workers, but they had lots of limitations and dysfunctions, and so very often they were "upgraded" and the ones with more limitations were "discarded". Anyway, I got the idea that this man was failing in his argument and then he got up and started dancing and said in a cheesy, fake British accent  "Look! I can sing and I can dance and I can do my taxes, how much more REAL can I be?!?
Thanks given by: Nanny , Maysea
interesting dream. I thought "Clone". The question often asked to prove humanness is "Do you laugh at a random joke?"
Thanks given by: Elyse
Ooohh Elyse, this is part of the "transition" that is coming. Not all work or citizens in their brave, ha not, new world will be AIs but only the members of the "class" that will conform and act like puppets/machines in the "will" dept. are going to be allowed to live through this "transition" which is dreambot-speak for

"fundamental transformation" so far as our nation is concerned. Of course "THE" Transformation is the change of the age, thank God.
Thanks given by: Elyse
(05-17-2016, 12:04 PM)esholars Wrote: interesting dream. I thought "Clone". The question often asked to prove humanness is "Do you laugh at a random joke?"

Interesting question! I sometimes even laugh at things that aren't jokes to anyone but me. Completely, fallibly human I am! And I love to laugh....... Big Grin

Nanny - so are you saying that the AIs will become us, and we will transition beyond? I thought that was the point of the upcoming transformation - to be more than human. Homo luminous!
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Wow Goldengirl, I read this short dream very quickly earlier and replied as fast as I could type. So, I know I can trust myself about my spontaneous reply and it was maybe even intuitive but I was blank at first, upon reading your question, LOL.

I had to reread the dream and get the same "feeling" about it and didn't even remember reading part of it, WEIRD.

This dream is talking about how folks will be treated and then discarded in the transformation that's coming, the first part the painful, horrific part. Folks will plead to live but they'll not be worth anything to the subversives cuz they won't work for them to do what they want, and how they want things done. They will be the ones discarded and only the ones that will mindlessly obey will be let live to serve.

Quite a contradiction in one way but dreams are symbolic.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl
This dream reminds me of a Heinlein short story "Jerry Was a Man" that I read eons ago. Never saw the TV adaptation.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl

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