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More whoo-whoo time. Camel vision 10/4/17, 9:30 pm
I was sitting on my bed saying a few prayers before going to sleep. As usual one prayer is asking the Holy Spirit to teach me what my Spirit needs to learn, while my body is resting.

I immediately saw the face of a Camel. I zoomed out a little and look to the left and see a man holding the reigns of the camel. He is wearing a Arabic style white robe/dress, red & white checked head covering with a black band around the top that holds it down. The man tugs on the reigns and laughs because the camel won't move. He talks nicely to the camel and the camel decides to go along with him. I follow them and get a glimpse of a rusty red colored building or tent.

Afterthoughts: I have no idea where this come from.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl
It's amazing how you can find just about any type of picture on the internet.  I found this one showing a camel and the type of clothes and head dress the man was wearing.  

Thanks given by: Goldengirl

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