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Nine Indian Gods
(Let me just start by saying, In all the dreams I have EVER had in ALL my life, this was by far the weirdest. If ANYONE knows what to make of this, I am DYING to know what you think.)

In the dream, I came to sitting naked in my bathroom. There is a tub against the outside wall in my home, in the dream it was not there and the wall was gone as well. I sat naked looking outside where the wall should have been, watching my husband mow the lawn of all things. And when I realized what I was doing, I thought to myself "Why am I here? I'm sitting. I must need to pee?" Just as I thought that... I could feel that I clearly wasn't sitting on a potty. It was a solid slab of something. I felt the sides. It felt like stone. I popped up and looked in horror as I had been sitting on some kind of ancient looking alter. As I backed away, I could hear a sweet voice saying my name. I turned to see a woman in my bathroom door. When I say in, I do not mean in the doorway, I mean as if she was merged with the door... Or maybe she was some sort of hologram. I really can't be sure, but at any rate, she terrified me. She kept trying to calm me and to be honest, she really wasn't that scary to behold. I have seen and faced much more terrifying things in dreams and have never felt THIS horrified. She kept talking to me, but I really couldn't focus on what she was saying because I was just too freaked out. I did manage to gather from her that she was a servant of someone. She spelled a name out with letters in my mind, but I have since forgotten what it was. I wasn't able to pay much attention... Instead, I was trying to creep around her to escape through the crack in the door she was merged with. I made a break for the crack and was caught by two big blue arms. Whoever they belonged to was behind me. The arms wrapped around my chest but it was not in an intimate way. Suddenly I felt calm and warm. It was like having a nice hot bath at the end of the day and just as you start to feel too hot, there is a cool breeze. It was refreshing and nice... until I remembered that there were BLUE ARMS around me. At that point, I broke free and ran through the crack of the door.

I then found myself in bed, just as I were in real life. I looked at my newborn in his crib. My husband was sleeping at the edge of the bed and my toddler between us. I thought to myself "Well... that was a weird dream..." then laid my head down. I turned to my side facing the bedroom door and saw the same woman from earlier materialize into the door just as she had in the bathroom door. I tried to scream, but I could not. I tried to flail my arms to wake my husband, but I was paralyzed. All I could do was sit and listen to this woman in my door. She told me her name and that she was a servant to the blue-armed man I had seen in my bathroom. She gave me names again. She told me that I had managed to capture "their" attention and that they have and will be watching me and that I had gained their "favor". They would be coming soon, she said.

I wish I had been able to pay better attention as she said a lot of things which seemed to be important. But... I felt terrified in spite of her calm and sweet nature. She told me that I needed to look up " Nine Indian Gods".

After she told me that, I woke up. I looked around my bedroom. Everything was JUST as it was in my dream. My baby was sleeping in the crib. My husband at the edge of the bed and my toddler between us. I moved around a little just to be sure that I could, then went back to bed and fell asleep.

In the dream, I woke up facing my bedroom door again. I watched the woman materialize again. And I had the VERY same dream as the time before paralysis and all...

I woke up again in a panic. I couldn't be sure whether I was dreaming or not because the dream felt SO REAL. As pitiful as it sounds, I actually had to get out of bed and poke everyone to make sure they were real. When I was sure I was awake, I got a glass of water, took a few sips and went back to bed. I made a mental note - In real life, I had a tiffany butterfly lamp on my dresser that was lit. For reasons I don't care to mention, I am a bit afraid of the dark and I always keep it on. In my dream, however, the light was NOT on. So I thought to myself " If I wake up, and that light is not on, I am in trouble..." And with that, I tried to get comfortable and fell back asleep...

I woke up in the dream, and the light was off. Immediately the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. I tried to scream BEFORE the woman appeared in the door and I could not. I also could not move. She appeared again saying all the things she said the two times before... but THIS time she put images in my head. I saw myself in a library looking for books. I needed to look for "Nine Indian Gods".

THIS time, when I woke up, I woke my husband up crying. I told him about the dream and immediately felt horrible... as if it were a secret that I wasn't supposed to tell. I told him how I had awakened and had the dream over twice. I was frightened to even try to go back to sleep. He assured me that it was only a dream. He checked the bathroom and knocked on the doors. Nothing. In spite of this, I was unable to go back to sleep. I kept myself awake by watching TV the rest of the night.

The next day, I Googled "9 Indian Gods". Since that phrase is kinda vague, I don't think I learned much of anything. I'm not sure if by Indian she meant native American or people of India. At any rate, I have never had a dream that reoccurred in THIS way before. I thought it would be interesting to share.
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