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Prediction Avalanche
I had the following dream on March 3, 2019 around 5 AM, i've condensed it somewhat: I am waking up a steep hill with other dream characters to a medical clinic at the top of the hill. Suddenly an avalanch comes roaring down and we all run. No one is hurt. As the dream continues I again hike to the top of the hill where the ciinic sits. It does not so much look like a clinic as a large old and elegant hotel. There I meet a doctor who escorts me to Room 9, where she places me in Row 9.  I awake.
   On March 4 I was reading an article in the New Yorker, in the March 4 issue, called the Premonitions Bureau. The article was about and sympathetic to premonitions and precognition, including precognitive dreams. After reading for a bit I put the article aside for later and checked in on google news. There I read that on March 3, late afternoon, a huge avalanche closed Interstate 70 in Colorado, and that no one was hurt. I felt strongly my dream had been predictive of this event. And having just been reading an article about precognition was like a synchronistic tap on my shoulder: Precognitive dream here!
  Later I began to think about the meaning of number 9 which seemed so prominent in the dream. I don't remember any dream from the night of March 4-5, but when I awoke March 5 morning the thought immediately hit me: I and all the other dream characters in Room9, row 9 have 9 years left to live. I'm sorry if that sounds morbid, but I think it is correct. I will be 82 in 2028, a good long life, with some time left to devote to spiritual development. Of course this is all speculation on my part. Time will tell....
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That's a wowsers. Thanks for sharing, and WELCOME! 9 also symbolizes peace, but extinction and peace don't have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, death IS peace, at least in a very existential point of few.
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RB - Thank you for sharing!
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