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Prediction Destruction in Charleston. SC
This dream was more than I can recall.  But what I do remember is that I am inside of a hotel.  It feels mainly wooden and perhaps old and historical.  Suddenly the building is on fire! I start to run to get away from the flames.  The house feels 'twisted' or moved perhaps because of an earthquake. On the staircase I see JH (a fellow I know) and then in another space I see DB (another fellow I know).  It is either them or someone that makes me think of them. I continue on to get out of building.  It is scary. I think how I am in Charleston, South Carolina but then I see a connection to Raleigh, NC. The END
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9 , Cassandra , Maysea
Hurricane Dorian is a powerful Category 5 storm that is headed for the eastern coast of United States.  Possible pathways show it coming ashore in South Carolina. This could be the Destruction in Charleston,South Carolina that I saw in my dream.  A strong hurricane can move and twist a house.  Also fires do break out during such events.  The storms path could bring it on up into North Carolina impacting Raleigh, NC.  Will have to keep watching to see.  Also a note of interest.  I had a contact with JH today for the first time in probably ten years.
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Are you near the east coast?
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Ridley, it won't surprise me if Dorian matches your dream. thanks for documenting the dream when you did.
Thanks given by: Ridley , twiceblessed9

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