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Prediction Financial Collapse
I wondered from the get-go at what would trigger this rigged system.... as the fed seems to keep printing into oblivion but then we have the Carona Virus... Closed Border Quarantine and exports affected... Could the worsening spread cause the Crash as trade begins to slow down or stop???
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The outbreak is taking the blame today for the Dow jones to fall 450 points and the futures are down. It is halting manufacturing in China with a lot of factories down until at least for two weeks. I think the collapse has hit a higher gear and going faster now. I had a dream that the biblical plagues were getting ready to happen a couple of months ago. I wouldn't doubt that this Corona thing was deliberately released.
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I'd have to agree
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This will be my last post here because we are finally here to where everything is rapidly going down and there is no delaying it any longer denying what's going on in the world despite all their distractions. The Dow Jones lost 600 points on Friday and the futures are down 500 points or so right now. What is more important is that with the virus fears the factories are probably going to be shut for a while or permanently now and the international shipping is going down with it. The Baltic dry index dropped to it's lowest point since 2016 at 480 points. Things are only going down hill in China so there is no delaying this any longer. Just look at Wuhan and realize just how quickly everything can be shut down in one of these big cities. Shut down can happen very fast. I remember having one dream where you had to have permission to go into and out of the big cities or a reason too. The roads will be have a manned blockade near the big cities. Stay out the big cities if you possibly can you'll be better off.
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