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Prediction Financial Collapse
According to zero hedge article Goldman Sachs purchased 50 billion in Deutsche banks bad bank risk junk today. Another Chinese bank had a run on it but hasn't been bailed out yet(yingkou coastal bank) and it appears that about 13 percent of the banks in China are at great risk right now and about half would fail financial stress test.
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According to zero hedge one of China's biggest precious metals dealers looks like it can go into default by December 16. Teewoo is state owned and once was in the top 200 largest companies in the already has been in partial default since summer. Bix Weir said it in all likelihood is sitting on silver deritives and can cause trouble in the silver market. Either the shareholders will default or face a 60 percent loss deciding on what they will do before dec 16.
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If the tariff's with China actually kick in on December 15 you can bet that the stock market and everything thing else will go down...the stock market is down over three hundred points today on no deal on tariffs talk. According to zero hedge A Chinese company called China First Wealth plunged by billions in stock value last week.
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