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Prediction Riots & Clashes

Todays Precognitive Dream in the style of a short brief news item on tv, as I saw it.

07/06/2018 Dream: Food Shortages, Food Riots and Clashes.

That was it... my theory thus far to these types of dreams, snippets of future nows are very short as you have to understand, if it is that I'm actually in that moment the amount of energy to achieve that must be immense thus only experiencing a mere few seconds. I do get other types of Precognitive Dreams that last a minute or so (that's 3 minutes in Dreamtime btw) but they are usually more metaphoric or cryptic, e.g Trumps face covered in soot, a single tear down his cheek... The one tear obviously being the one man dead.

Just thought I'd make it clear as to the nature of my precognition... I can also induce the dreams as required and into any subject, except for the gain of wealth or money as I actually hate the concept and find it a wall to human endeavour and progress, it seems it will be our undoing as those with the desire to collect all of it have the most power. 2182....
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Any hints of timeframe and/or location? Thanks for the input
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(06-07-2018, 05:36 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: Any hints of timeframe and/or location? Thanks for the input

It seemed to be a widespread event... it made world news.

The link supplied was faulty in my OP so here's a new one
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