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Prediction Seemingly Mundane Events
Hi everyone,

Yet more today...

PD: Two overweight builders fighting, one thrown to the floor in a high visibility vest.
PD: A large JCB(Digger type vehicle) carrying parts of a pipeline

Maybe linked to my major dream this year... if it's bad(VERY BAD) they come in clusters.

  e.g October/November/December 2010/February 2011 in that order: Powerstation in the foreground and a mushroom cloud in the background, A beach scene with big waves hitting the shore but the waves had sharks in them, eating people on the beach... oriental people, A low harbour and the sea all choppy and the air above it buzzing with electricity and then finally 2 words merely weeks before "BIG EARTHQUAKE"...
Thanks given by: Eagle1 , twiceblessed9 , Cassandra
This may refer to the recent Riots in France
Thanks given by: Cassandra , Eagle1

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