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Prediction Stadium Collapse
This dream is disturbing and frightening.  I see a stadium with lots of people seated 'inside.'  I first see the 'underneath' area, kind of dark.  Enter here to get in to get access.  The stands are full, a big crowd.  It appears to be a sunny day.  This stadium does not seem to have a roof/ ceiling like a covered coliseum, or arena. Now I see the area start to shake very hard.  See the horizon.  The structure is starting to collapse into itself.  See people start to panic.  The announcer comes over the speakers and asks everyone to stay calm.  People start to move. I see a narrow path or clearing between people.  Then somehow I am outside or away from the building.  I feel that friends and family are trapped inside and I try to figure out how to help them.  There is a residential neighborhood near this stadium and this is where I am standing outside.  Then the trees, tall pine trees, start to move as if they are also being pulled downward. In my mind I am trying to figure this all out.  Is this an earthquake?  It feels more like a giant sink hole with the ground collapsing pulling things in.  Could it be a bomb that went off underneath the stadium?  I do not remember the sounds for this.  Old worn out or shoddy construction with the heavy building collapsing onto itself?  I do remember that it seemed to have a slight circular motion; like falling into a big hole. It seemed like the end of the world.// The pine trees made me think this could be the southern USA, maybe North or South Carolina or Virginia, maybe Richmond.   This did make me think of my earlier dreams about an earthquake in the Charleston, SC area. 
Thanks given by: Maysea
I had a dream to do with stadium collapse during hurricane Barry but it seemed to be in either Louisiana or Florida.
Thanks given by: Ridley
Football season is starting soon
Thanks given by: Ridley , Maysea
Was it more like a baseball or football stadium?
Thanks given by: Ridley
Hard to say what type of stadium.  I suppose it was more like a football stadium, maybe a college arena.  I do not know why people were in attendance.  It could be a sporting event or entertainment venue or a speaker like a candidate.  (Note: I did learn on line that there is a Pine Tree High School Football Stadium in Longview Texas, home of the Pirates.  Referring to tree in the dream.)
Thanks given by:
There is a college stadium University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field, which is bound by Spruce street to the north and Pine street to the south.
There was a time the Eagles used to play there. It is an old stadium.
Thanks given by: Ridley
Thanks tb9 for your interest and comments.  Interestingly here, one of the friends in the stadium that I am worried about is a Mrs. Franklin and she has family ties to Pennsylvania.
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9
Lets pray it doesn't happen. If it does, I pray no loss of life and 0 to minimal injuries.
Thanks given by: Ridley , twiceblessed9 , Maysea

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