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Prediction Terrible Storm, Fear at Windsor
In this dream I am  among a group of people who are standing around in a social setting inside a room of an older house. At one point we stop and look at a large screen TV that is showing  a news broadcast of a big storm (cloud or twister) that has recently occurred and caused great damage.  At the same time I look out of a window that is located at the other end of the room.  Through the window I see a huge tornado/ storm (it is heavy with lots of dirt and dust) headed toward us.
I turn to run toward the main exit.  As I do, I pass 'daddy' who is sitting in his chair where he loves to sit. I never see his face just the side of his head and his arm resting on the wide side arm of chair.  He is carelessly holding a long knife/ a hand saw in his hand. I ask him to be careful because someone could get hurt.  I take it and go out the door, down the steps.  Outside near the corner of the building, down on the ground and slightly hidden, is a large snake with faint stripes.  The snake is calm and we make eye contact.  I may make a weak strike out at it. Mainly look at it.  
After the 'storm' passes I look back toward the house, apparently from some distance. Now the house seems to be up high on stilts, several stories high and there are other houses around fixed the same way.  Also it looks like a coastline, village with some mountains in background.  End of dream/
Notes and hypothesis:  During this dream, I see and feel that the house has to do with 'Windsor" as in house of Windsor as in British Royal Family.  I think the dream could be a warning of major trouble or danger for them.  The storm, tornado has a lot of dirt and dust and debris as would a major explosion(s). "Daddy" in the dream is very much sitting on a special chair or throne as a prince or king would.  I do know that there is a lot of fear connected to this dream. 
 Hopefully precautions will prevail.
Thanks given by: twiceblessed9 , Eagle1 , Cassandra , Elyse

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