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Prediction Two New Pictorial Dreams
Hello everyone.

Following are a series of two pictorial dreams I had over the past few nights.

1.[Image: Dreamt-21st-jan.jpg]

Metaphoric or real I'm not sure. Being Fired??? The PM and Conservative Leader???


2. [Image: Map-Dream.jpg]
This one had a Syrian flag point on the map as you see on the left missile hitting somewhere on the right.

The map does look like the Region around Syria... if you add Iraq, Jordan and Beirut, missile=Baghdad?
Thanks given by: Cassandra , twiceblessed9 , ThePaladin
I was looking at a world map and the image sorta-kinda resembles Turkey, which shares a border with Syria:

Map of Turkey
Thanks given by: DreamerOracle
Reply button seems to be faulty...

The Paladin, Maybe but it more resembles the border maps of Syria and surrounding countries and the dots for locations on the right side of the image do match.
Thanks given by:
I have the map portion as a confirmed
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