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Road Trip
Dreamed I was on a road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway. At some point I stopped and was in a parking lot of a general store. There was a bear there wearing a collar that secreted drugs to make the bear docile. The bear spent most of his time hovering around a dumpster on the edge of the property. The bear was there for the amusement of customers. There was a woman in the parking lot who lived in her vehicle. She and I were leaving at the same time and because she was looking at her phone instead of paying attention to her driving, she side-swiped me, causing damage to my vehicle. We both got out of our cars and she handed me a piece of worn paper that I guess was supposed to be her insurance but it was kind of obvious it was expired. She refused to show me her driver's license. I was so furious I grabbed her by the shoulders and was shaking her. It ended with me taking a picture of her license plate with my cell phone and threatening to call the police, but I knew I would not be able to get any money out of a homeless woman. Later I was back on the Pacific Coast Highway. I came up over a hill and could see the ocean and was thrilled. But then I saw that in front of me was a road so steep (going down) that my visibility was affected and I felt terrified and regretted going on the trip.

Dreamed 3-8-2019

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