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Ron Howard portraits
Dream of June 2nd 2017.  I am at an art show or gallery standing in front of an oil portrait of actor/director Ron Howard.  I am with one other person and we comment on the portrait. Mr. Howard's portrait is very realistic/ his eyes are quite intense. There are approximately six other portraits of Ron Howard also on this exhibit.  The other paintings are more abstract in style.  We think that Ron's wife must get this first portrait for him.  I am with a friend who knows her and they will fix it, make it happen.  End of dream.
No notes or hypothesis at this time.
Thanks given by: ThePaladin , Julie , Goldengirl
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ron wednesday dream

Not dreamt Wednesday, but reported on Wednesday.
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A follow up from Ridley.  A few days after this dream and its posting, it was announced in the media that Mr. Howard would be directing the next installment in the Star Wars series, replacing another director.  I think the dream may have been referring to this.  "Another picture of Ron Howard."  Just a thought.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl

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