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Searching for the key
1 June 2018

Didn't get around to posting this dream at the time but think it's important, in light of Goldengirl's dream about the witches.

I'm with a small group of people. We're on the move, searching for something. A key of some sort. We know this key is crucial to the opening of a portal that's better left locked but we have no idea what it looks like so we don't know what to look for as we search. We also know there's another group of people looking for the key so they can open the portal. We have to find the key before they do. At that moment, we're barely ahead of them. We can't stop, we can't rest, or they might get ahead of us and get to the key before us.

Then it jumps to we've found the key. I'm holding it in my hand. It shifts and morphs as we look at it. First it looks like a regular rock, then a quartz crystal, then a large shining golden key with an ornate end. One of the groups asks now that we have it, what are we going to do with it. Someone else says we have to hide it and fast. Another person says they're coming. We scatter in different directions, hoping we make it hard for them to know who has the key so they don't know who to follow. I tuck the key into my bra for safe keeping and to keep my hands free, and I dive through an opening so I'll wake. Which I do.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl

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