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Shadow critters and people

You know, I've always been so scared to talk about this sort of thing, because people tend to think you are either crazy... or want to use you as a sort of science experiment. I know it sucks when you come in contact with these things, but I have to admit, I am SO glad that I am not the only one who has! Things were the WORST for me years ago when I lived alone and worked a small job at Rite Aid. Sometimes my register would just freak out on its own... I would always get a sort of sick feeling RIGHT before it happened, and this never happened for anyone else... and even the anti-theft alarm would go off either just before or just after I walked through it. It really gave me the creeps and not just me, but everyone else too. But even this didn't bother me as much as going home did. At home things were much worst. I could see shadow people or things and hear clawing INSIDE the walls and sometimes I would wake to find the refrigerator open and cabinets and stuff. One time, I was going on a date and the guy that came to pick me up had followed me to my room where I got my coat, and when he followed me out of my bedroom the door SLAMMED shut right behind him. We aren't talking just kinda slowly shut, It slammed shut like something was angry! Heh... needless to say, that relationship didn't last. And every once in a while I would have night terrors and wake up with random scratches and bruises. (This even happened a few times during my marriage that my "husband" could account for.)  Now, I NEED you to know that I've never dabbled in witchcraft or anything that would invite bad spirits... these are all things that have been happening to me since I was a small child. It just really got bad at this point of my life for some reason. I don't know what I did or didn't do to make it worse!

Anyway, It got to the point that I was scared to go home. One of the VERY few times I cried and begged my mother for help. Well, my mother and I don't get along, and part of that reason is because I've always sort of creeped her out... according to my grandmother anyway. SO, she called over the bishop of the Mormon church who came over and blessed my house... and while he did it, I had a horrible feeling for just a moment and then when he was done, the whole house lit up. Like, the lights got brighter and the house seemed clearer... like there had been a fog in there before or something and suddenly it was gone. Everyone noticed this... and for once I didn't feel so "crazy". Now, the night this happened, I had a dream. I used to have night terrors of this big black dog-like thing that would rip my guts out if it caught me. Well in THIS dream it told me I had 14 days, but didn't say what would happen after that. I called the bishop and my mother in a panic trying to find out the significance of 14 days, and had a blessing just for good measure. Well... Im pleased to report that nothing really happened 14 days later. I think it was a bluff. But after that blessing I started seeing another thing. Like a sparkle? I guess thats the best way to explain it. Its like a little flash of light. Usually in the top corners of rooms. I don't know what this thing is, but it doesn't give me a BAD feeling usually. Id REALLY like to know what this thing is, if any of you have an idea.

Also, every once in a while I see a sort of purpley-blue light. Its teeny-tiny and sorta looks like a laser light. It doesn't give me a bad feeling either. I started seeing this thing a year or so ago? And I really don't see it that often. *shrugs*

Now, especially after my separation, I don't see things nearly as much. And when I DO see them, they are outside. They don't come in the house anymore. I am thinking its because I've cleared the house of negative things? Well, whatever the reason, I am just so glad. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted!
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Understand that the critters have rules they have to follow. One of those is certain critters have to be invited into a house before they can actually enter the house.

You also have to understand that part of the problem is you have to learn to distinguish between interdimensional critters, entities, energies, and earthbound spirits(think ghosts). Yeah, those are all out there and they each have their own rules set. Makes for interesting days sometimes.
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