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Small lizard type of..
Hi, First time here.  Just a very short memory of the dream where this sort of strange lizard thing was given to me to hold.  I took it, and as I looked down at it, it had really big fangs like a snake Glanced up at something and looked again and it had bit me without me even knowing it.  It drew a decent amount of blood on my hand or wrist, but it didn't hurt.  I remember not feeling too concerned about it as well, but that is all I remember of the dream.   

Any help would be great.
Thanks so much...  Etta
Thanks given by: Goldengirl
Welcome to the NDC, Etta!

Did you see who gave you the lizard thing?
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Welcome Etta, and thanks for posting!

Is there anything important in your life (think something that could "bite you" in a sense), and you're not paying enough attention to it?
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Hi Etta!

Welcome to the NDC. Thanks for sharing your dream with us. Do you remember what you were doing before your received the lizard?
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