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Super Bug... Do we have something on this?
I know this kind of stuff has been a red alert in the past before the Ebola Virus... but do we have anything new on the Superbug?

A dreaded superbug found for the first time in a U.S. woman
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I bet we do but can't use the search engine here without deciding what terms are most likely to be bot-speak for the superbug. It isn't viral in nature so am lost at first-thought. The NDE search engine works really well. Me right now, not so much.
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Psst! yo, any member or lurker that'll jump in and post here! Got any ideas of metaphors for "bug" or "bacterium?" (did I even use the form of that word properly? odds are, no, loll)

Would Dreambot use "virus" in the runs cuz heck, many laypersons misuse virus for other types of infection and way, too many doctors have prescribed antibiotics when only viral infection was present, yada yada.
Cuz, we do have "virus" in more than one botrun.

What can we search for in our runs to perhaps expose botruns on this newly reported Superbug?
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Quote:What can we search for in our runs to perhaps expose botruns on this newly reported Superbug?

Parasite-I realize that bact. aren't parasites but I'm tossing out possible terms

I'll probably think of more as time goes on.
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Yes, dreambot might use virus I would think.
I would look for infection, disease, an insect word, bother, disturb, a "sick" synonym pared with a "super" synonym.
I will try to look for some of these later today if I can.
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Cure bad
Last chance
No cure
Dread or dreaded
Pig or swine (from where they found it in the animal population)
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Thanks, y'all! Cool

This will make looking, fun as it should be.

I think.....that runs from approx. six weeks ago will be the likely target, but that's a generalization from what I understand.
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Eagle says 6 weeks is the average range, so you could go a bit farther back to cover it.
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Yes! dang, a search of this type is so delicious and so cool when it rewards results.
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