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06/30/2016 AM
Mood: busy
unknown location

I have started and am running a school. We teach old skills like weaving, spinning, blacksmithing, iron casting, tool making and a bunch of non-modern skills.

We are on ten acres and have different buildings for different types of classes. We have animals of various sort. We have a huge garden to feed everyone and everyone lives on site. We have a
long waiting list for enrollment.

I am trying to discover other old skills that we can add to the school and finding skilled teachers is difficult.

Our teachers and students make the tools/items that we need for our classes. Everything is made without electricity.

Everyone is wearing modern clothing. Modern cars are passing on the road in front of our school and there is a train whistle blowing in the distance.

We had electricity for overhead lights and computer use.
A lot of day residue here as I am interested in off grid, old school apprentice training and old skills. Maybe I should start one when I grow up.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl , Eagle1
Love this dream. Can I enroll? Big Grin
Thanks given by: Eagle1
you can go anytime julie.
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Sounds like a good mix of old and new. Sign me up!
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There will be healing centers set up with spiritual teachers. Farm like settings with green houses etc.. a place to detach from your chaos life.
Thanks given by: Cassandra

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