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The antichrist, no laws, Caligula
Two different dreams together here. The antichrists reign is mostly a lawless one. Mayer will get worse after Satan begins to affect him and he will become a new version of Caligula.
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Okay now, disturbing dream. Who is Mayer?

I know the part about the reign being lawless because it's what I've been feeling also.
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Mayer David De Rothschild
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Okay thanks Jawsawtikal!
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He's the one who came up with that great cow fart tax idea. They are actually sticking tubes up cows butts in Europe in order to capture methane to supposedly stop global warming. Of course, if they don't feed them the genetically modified stuff they won't fart up methane. Actually, what happened to him initially wasn't his fault. He'll have to go to the abyss for a while but he will get out.
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