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Trains coming down the mountain

Intention was to incubate Still's Black Widow dream. I have this vibe that there's something there that's important for us to know, but don't know what that might be.

I'm in a mountainous green area. Lots of trees, mostly conifer. On a hill, watching trains go by. Engines with flatbed cars. The first train is like an old steam train, chugging along. The flatbed cars are filled with people in period dress-the women in long dresses and hats, the men in suits with stiff collars and and bowler hats. Then another train, this one pulled by a more modern engine that has a bear for an engineer. The flatbeds are filled with soldiers carrying weapons and milling around as if visiting with one another. The next train with flatbed cars filled with soldiers wearing olive drab uniforms. Even though the cars are packed, the soldiers are in formation. Very formal. No talking, eyes straight forward, all standing at attention. Disciplined. I don't know where the trains are going. Just a sense of they're coming, they're coming down out of the mountains.

Then I'm standing in a cardboard box. The sides of the box reach only to my thighs yet I stand there as if I'm unable to move or climb from the box. My teacher appears. He doesn't speak; he just sits and watches me. I know he's waiting for me to get out of the box. But I don't know if I can, even though somehow I know it's imperative that I do. I try to step out but can't because the sides are too high. I'm frustrated by my inability to get out. It's just a BOX, dammit. This isn't rocket science. Just get it done. So I proceed to tear at the cardboard and soon I'm standing on what's left of the box, shredded cardboard all around me. I look at my teacher. He nods and tells me we must hurry, that I have much to do. He sets off at a trot. I have to jog to keep up with him. Where are we going? I ask, already panting and regretting not working out. Down the mountain, he says.

Next I was some place where a lot of people were gathered. They were separated in groups-by choice, not design. All were talking and yelling but no one was listening. I watched this for a bit then decided this was a waste of my time. As I began to walk away, people from different groups surrounded me, all wanting me to listen to them. That they had the answers and I had to choose. No, I said, I have to go. They tried to stop me but I was able to slip away.

I'm walking through woods. Not on a mountain but still with lots of trees. I'm alone but I sense there are others also walking through the fores and I know we're all headed in the same general direction. Beyond that, I have no idea where I'm going or what I'll do when I get there.

There was more but it slipped away before I could get it written down.

I have no idea how this relates to Still's Black Widow dream. It's so markedly different. I do know the second segment, with me in the box, was for me personally and it's pretty obvious what it's saying to me. Like George Carlin once said in one of his routines, you don't have to be Fellini to figure that one out.  Big Grin
Thanks given by: still , Nanny
the bowler was invented in Britain in 1849 and became the derby in the US. it was popular for over 100 years. combined with the other imagery I'm thinking the first train was 1880-1910. the second train pulled by the more modern engine with the bear for an engineer (the bear represents either Persia - biblical bear - or Russia -modern interpretation) probably Russia since the train itself is 'more modern'. but at a time when the soldiers were not at war - relaxed milling around, talking with each other. so probably after WWII, since probably the first train went right up to WWI.
you don't describe the appearance of the third train, I would guess it to be a present day looking train as we seem to be making a progression through time. so this present era train has soldiers who are at war, on alert, ready for battle, prepared.
all the trains came down out of the mountains. Each war starts similarly, like a creek that comes down from its origins in the high places and becomes rivers.
you are going down the mountain, too. you have to think outside the box and follow down the mountain, to see whats really going on, to get to the bottom of this (mountain).
this is me also. I have to think and therefore operate outside the programmed method in order to figure this out. all the people in their little groups, each one thinking they know everything, each person yelling that he is correct, even within the groups of opinion they don't have concord. not only each group, but each individual within each group is vying for you to believe him. 'Nope! I will find my own way and my own understanding.' so you slip away to walk through the forest towards the real truth, with the others you know are doing the same.
does any of this resonate with you or am I all cuckoo?
thank you for incubating!
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Yeah, I forgot to mention the third train had a sleek engine, silver that flashed red when it reflected direct sunlight.
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Perhaps we should all believe we should concentrate on Russia. World wide Predictions just posted a new Russian Prediction on 1-11-16.
"They are pointing to the tragedy that is coming very soon.
I had a visual I was walking outside looking up and rain begin to pour down.
“Oh Russia your pain is our pain. Another airplane, another horror.”
I had a visual of an airplane that was destroyed."

I am thinking with all that I have been reading from our dreamers and on WWP site, perhaps an incident directed at Russia will begin a new full scale war like WW1 and WW2. At least in terms of Russian involvement.
Thanks given by: IslandHippyMama

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