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Traveling Preacher Man, 5/11/16, am
There are many parts to this dream so I will just note parts that stood out the most. I am working in a Post Office type of place. I am opening for the day and turning on a small fan, putting it under a table. Everything, the walls, floors and furniture is unpainted wood. Then I am sitting at a table and a man walks into the room. He is a preacher, someone I am friends with. I ask him if he has found a church yet and he says, no I think I will just be a traveling preacher. I ask him if he thinks it wise to have a girlfriend if he will be a preacher and he says, yes I am human and he laughs. I get the feeling like he has not had a career of preaching and this is something new he is trying.

In the next scene I am in the same local but a different building. I am near the top of the room and watching a scene in what looks like a women's boarding house. The room has a couple of beds in it and one of the beds is a 4 poster with a top on it. The other bed is just a simple bed. I see a woman on the other side of the door and she has a man with her. She opens the door and walks into the room with the man following her. She is looking for one of the women who is supposed to occupy this room. There is one woman sitting on the bed and the man looks at her and gives her a look like "don't say anything". So the woman who looks to be in charge says, well she's not here and they leave. Then I heard someone laughing and I look at the top of the 4 poster bed and see the young woman there and she has a man with her. They are both laughing because they were not found.

Afterthoughts: It's nice to have light hearted fun dreams sometimes.
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