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Trips and Visits.
(Several experiences, all happening within hypnapompic.)

#1: I was with an old boyfriend from high school. I have not seen or spoken to him in decades. I could find no obit on record for him; and he appears to still be among the living. In this experience, he was benevolent; not so much in "real life". He was with his mother, in an unfamiliar house within the woods. They agreed to allow me to use their computer for homework. I brought along (constant theme) my suitcases and two cats, Stumpy and Eva (Eva passed 12/10). Oddly, before sitting down at the computer, I borrowed six of the mother's hair curlers (foam, spiral shaped, pink), placed them into my hair, and began to work. I had forgotten my memory stick, and lost the work; and was aghast. I had just received an assignment from an unknown female professor, quite young, and it was due that day. I could, somehow, "see" this professor, communicating with me NVC. There was also another older female "professor" with another assignment. I got up, removed the hair curlers, placing them back into their original container, then, into storage. I got up and repacked (constant theme) my luggage, but the cats had escaped their cat carriers, and were into the woods. I was heart-broken; how would I find them? I left, thinking I could return and find them later.

#2 Imagery and NVC: "Just hold on!" - with an image of two brass rings, but they were shaped more like huge Ds, and I was told (shown?) to simply jump up and grab them, one with the left hand, one with the right. I awakened with a HUGE PHYSICAL JOLT, with both legs landing onto the mattress HARD, as if falling from a great distance.

#3: I am seeing automatic handwriting...and the words "Watching, Watching...", then the word (and NVC word as spoken)..."WINGS!"...

#4: I hear the chime of a bell. Then, this message, "You'll need to understand the different chimes (tones) of the (bell) chimes..." (to recognize them). ????

#5: I am watching an unknown man, Saxon, 30s, with his girlfriend, seated quietly at a table. Facing them, he is on the left, and she is on the right. He is at the corner of the table. I zero in on his polo shirt, and see the words, "Snap, Crackle, Pop" in red letters on the right side of his black polyester polo-shirt, like a logo.
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