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05/30/2015 AM
No intent; but I did know about the TEST to see if we could dream something about the NDC or its Bot runs.
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I was at my desk typing up a message to someone; I will not reveal the name.
I was writing some thoughts concerning the NDC and the recent excitement about the newest experiments we were conducting. I had typed up a full page of my concerns and what I was seeing occur when we discussed the Deambot runs.
It had seemed to be a case that many people were dreaming the same words but denying that they were affected by their daily lives (day residue) and even dismissing the possibility of ordinary life having an opportunity to affect them since they did not read, listen to or watch anything that could possibly influence their dreams.
I warned of the possibility of some to use the dreams to achieve “Stardom”, as I could see some “copycat” behavior occurring and the reward centers of our brains were being stroked on a daily basis. Of course I had a “me too” urge to deal with as just reading the post made me feel I was “missing out” and feeling left out of the conversations.
I sat for a moment wondering if I was just trying to be helpful or just becoming a member of the “That’s just crazy talk” group.
I then had the thought that it does not matter because, I am dead anyway! Seems that when I make postings that the next day when I try to reread my post it has disappeared. It does not matter if it is on Facebook, a news site, on a cooking site or the Dream Forum they all are gone the next time I want to read them and the only explanation to me was that I am a ghost that writes post but that by being a ghost I could not really participate in on-line life any more. Then I had the thought that I am not a ghost, I have at some point “Jumped timelines” and that my former post were no longer valid so they just disappeared. That is when I had the “Now that is crazy talk!” thought.
I went back to writing my message. At the end of the page I wondered why I felt the need to point out all the things I had commented about when a voice said, “Life is connected in so many ways that messages are ubiquitous and everyone has that influencing them constantly whether they know it or not.”
I woke up wondering what ubiquitous meant and how on earth do I spell it. I had to look it up.
Definition of UBIQUITOUS: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread <a ubiquitous fashion>— ubiq•ui•tous•ly adverb — ubiq•ui•tous•ness noun
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Well Escholars, you may just have hit on the reason behind WHY so many of our botruns are different connections for the same words and why so many people are having similar themes in their dreams. It is all ubiquitous. That is actually kinda HUGE!!!
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And we all got a chance to actually use an SAT vocab word today! How often does that happen on a message board?
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This dream has the power to shatter our precious worldviews. As most everyone knows, I'm a connoisseur of alternative theories on just about everything.

This fantastic dream reminds me of Rupert Sheldrake's Morphogenetic field or just Morphic Field. The theory tries to explain why newborn kid goats miraculously know how to suck from the mommy's teets. No one showed them what to do, they just somehow knew. Same thing across cultures in the human genome. Different ancient cultures surprisingly starting new inventions or revolutionary procedures at the same time without any cross talk or observation of the other cultures. 

If Sheldrake is right, I think our DreamBot project actually touches this morphogenetic field, in that we can see very blatantly and objectively what massive amounts of dreamers are dreaming. Someone like Nikole Tesla would probably argue that creativity comes out of nothing...comes out of the ether. But Sheldrake would argue that it comes from this morphic field, which would be a cosmic soup of consciousness. What is everyone thinking about? Well, lots of things simultaneously, but some memes rise and fall and get priority at certain times. That sounds exactly like what the DreamBot produces daily.

Remember, it's just a theory. But so many philosophers and scientists before Sheldrake have written similar stuff.

Thanks for the dream, esholars!!
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Windy, it stands for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The test that most High School kids take before entering college. High level vocab words have been traditionally on the exam but will not be included in the redesigned new exams.
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HAHA you are right! I read it 3 times before posting the link and NEVER saw that the post was missing a word. Sorry about that. I fixed it, I think. Tongue
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No kidding. I make many, and seem to frequently have "edits" in my posts. Slow is good.
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