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Vision of Another Place and Time
"Jump the lines?" I really realllyyy wanna remember what it was back in Hawaii that flabberghasted me. It was, of course something that couldn't have been humanly built in just a week or so. Dang, but anyway...reading y'all here reminded me that it was a blatant shock and I couldn't believe that it was always there because I could not believe I had never noticed it.
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A few years back, spouse and I were driving by one of the new subdivisions that are spouting up like fungus in our area. There was one house with a balcony off one of the upstairs bedrooms and we always laughed about the homeowners enjoying the beautiful view of a busy road from their balcony. Then one day, that house had fully grown trees between the balcony and the fence, blocking the view of the road. I'm not talking small trees, I'm talking good-sized trees that looked like they had been planted for years. Surprised, I asked the spouse when those trees went in, because they hadn't been there a few days earlier and he traveled the road to and from work daily. A long time, he said. How long? I wanted to know. Gosh, he couldn't pin down a timeframe for how long but he knew they'd been there for at least several months. How is that possible? I wanted to know, since the development had just opened. He wanted to know what I was talking about, the development had been open for a couple years. We argued goodnaturedly all the way down the road about how long the development had been open. I said a few months, he swore it was a few years.

It didn't dawn on me until much later that I'd jumped a timeline at some point. Now I pay attention when I get that gut-dropping feeling.
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Wow, I turn my back and this little discussion has gotten really interesting!!

More recently I was overcome with a feeling of being entirely alone in this world with no family. Literally felt like I was the last one standing. Now, my brother and I don't get along, but he is very much alive. And that realization swept over me a moment later. Now, did I swap lines for a moment, or was I feeling the future?

And I should add that I had a gut-dropping feeling when I "came back".
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I have been thinking about the Mandela Effect and all of the things that change. Now that I have reason to believe there truly are changes happening, I also wonder why. Yes, the how is interesting as well, but why? And why do some notice and not others? Is there a reason for that? Once you notice, do you notice more often? Is there a pattern to the changes? Is it purposeful or more random. Gee I thought that so in so died 5 years ago, but apparently they were only sick. Anyone can confuse that right? This really reinforces the statement "everything is relative" doesn't it? At this rate we will be all needing to think ,"maybe we both are right".
(05-29-2016, 05:22 PM)DLP Wrote: Y'know, I've never really thought about why I jump the lines. It's just something that happens and my life goes on. Think I'll take some time in meditation on this question.
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Very insightful Twice. I do know that once you notice synchronicities, they start flowing (or maybe they ARE going on all the time, and it's our awareness). So I think that some of us are waking up. And when you wake up, you notice more. And I also think we are waking up because it's game time. I think the substructure is starting to crumble (?) or merge somehow, and because of that we all need to wake up. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of us who are deeply asleep. Snoring.
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