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I dreamed that people were working in a factory like setting and wondering if they should evacuate the area due to warnings about nearby volcanoes about to erupt...then seeing Rainier, St Helens and The three sisters volcanoes elsewhere in Washington. It's a mistake not to heed the warnings then seeing one of the volcanoes erupt much bigger than they thought it would seeing a lahar with trees floating in it and people in cars trying to flee the lahar going south towards Oregon to get away from it and then seeing train trying to stop to stay out of the mudflow.
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Interestingly enough I believe magma is on the move presently even these mtns mentioned are showing activity.
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They aren't active right now but several volcanoes have done some pretty big eruptions this with the most recent being on August 24 with Russian volcano Sveluch doing a 70,000 ft high eruption. This was volcano discovery and strange sounds.
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I was asked many moons ago to look forward, as a test. I saw a ladies face made from rock and lava, it also had very extreme liquefaction over a vast scale... It was a world event animals being stranded on shifting land masses colliding into each other(Elephants and Lions) The dreams came in a series which gave me a year at which the event would be at it's worst, 2033 and ending in 2037. The finale to this series was a scene as I was looking down from above at people hunting people......... It was horrific.

Ladies head made from Rock and Lava being Mt St. Helens, Washington a precursor event to the bigger wider event I was lead to believe. I never actually got a start date but I happen to come across a few other people that had also predicted an event for that same time period those suggesting 2029 as the start. Whether that is the case I do not know for sure.

2022 4th July(America?) and 2024 sometime around June or earlier 99-day window...Doomsday type event, someone suggested the Killshot maybe I don't know at this point, dreams beyond that are still quiet at present other than other big events. I will know more as I reach the 2 or 3-year mark before that time period to see what I get for that era.
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What a disturbing dream. Did you feel
anything while dreaming it or were you simply observing?
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