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Weird Mouse Arcade
I had this dream a few nights ago. I can't remember the beginning of this dream, but at some point I was following a group of people around in an old fashioned arcade and I saw something that looked like one of the old pinball games... so I walked over to it and popped a quarter in. It was not pinball... instead this game was full of mice and you had to control this thing above them and press a button that would make it squirt cheese out. I thought this was such a cute game! Why couldn't there be more games like this because I had ASSUMED that whoever built this game had put homeless mice in there and the mice would be fed and cared for this way. I mean, the game SHOULD in fact cover all cost of the mice being sheltered and fed and then some! I played the game several times feeling like I was doing a good thing and fell in love with one mouse in particular. A very pretty white mouse with pink eyes and nose. Anyway, after playing this game for some time and feeding ALL the mice I was feeling pretty happy until a maintenance man came over and needed to work on the machine. He said it would take a second, so I stood back and watched as this man put a bucket under the machine and started to unlock it. Of course mice would poop and the machine would need to be cleaned, I thought... but when he opened the machine, hundreds of dead mice poured out of it. I was horrified. I asked what was going on. I, at first, thought that maybe not enough people were playing... but the man explained to me that the cheese being fed to the mice was actually poison. SO, the people that played the game were actually poisoning these mice rather than helping them as they were led to believe. At this point I started feeling sick and started crying asking the man if there were some sort of antidote. He said there was not. I asked for the mouse that I had gotten attached to and he begrudgingly gave it to me and i held and rocked it while freaking out about having poisoned all these tiny, cute mice I meant to help. I asked if there was ANYTHING I could do to help these mice and the man said that they were all fed a poison that would slowly and painfully kill them all. It would make them even more hungry and the more cheese they ate the more suffering they would endure... and the ONLY way to help the mice would be to pay for a special "treat" that would instantly kill them. At this point, I couldn't take any more and ran away with the mouse crying. At home I had apparently adopted lots of random homeless animals, to include a white snake who also had pink eyes... it followed me around the house like a dog and I wondered to myself why I would save such a creature since I am not fond of snakes and prefer furry creatures... but the snake was beautiful and even sorta glowed. I took the mouse into my bedroom and shut the door and sang to it as I pet it and waited for it to die. I woke up feeling pretty sick with myself and very guilty.
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WOW! That is such a sad and vivid dream. I felt like I was right there with you.
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Feels like this one should have a lot of significance. Any ideas about what it means to you?
The white snake reminds me of descriptions I have read of a 'kundalini.' Also, snakes eat mice. It was kind of you to not feed the poisoned mouse to the snake.
Within the dream, was it better to know the real nature of the mouse arcade game. Horrifying as it was, you could at least stop doing a kindness (feeding cheese) that turned out to be evil. It reminds me somewhat of people who feed wild bears from intentions of kindness when the result is that later the bears have to be killed because they have lost their fear of humans.
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Thanks, guys. Yes, most of my dreams are VERY vivid and often graphic. I'm, unfortunately, terrible at interpretation and often only understand dreams (especially ones that were meant as warnings) when its far too late. That is, unless its a very strait forward in your face kind of dream. I really should spend more time trying to understand myself and my dreams better, but at the moment I'm having to work through some other things.

Ablelba, I also feel like this dream is important, but unsure if its more on a personal level or larger scale. Maybe both? I've thought about all sorts of things to include charities, GMOs and "friendships" I have. (Just to name a few things) I've made no strong conclusions as to the actual meaning of the dream. In the dream, I was much happier to know the true nature of the arcade... I couldn't bear the thought of me unknowingly killing all of these mice. I've given thought to mice also being considered pests and how they can spread disease and how some people would probably play the "game" knowing what it was doing and get pleasure out of it. BUT, I didn't get the feeling that that these mice were pests in the dream... in fact, I probably should have mentioned, when the man was dumping the bodies, I felt like these mice had been pets. Not even homeless as I assumed before. I felt like they had been born and bred only to die in this game... which made me quite sick. They seemed very clean and trusting of people. Very sweet little creatures. I'm actually quite interested in what other people make of the dream... which reminds me. I have another quite painful dream I've been meaning to post for months and have been on the fence about posting. Ugh... but the dream is killing me so I should probably do that.

Oh, and thank you for introducing me to 'kundalini'. I've never heard of that before and it was very interesting to read about it on google. I felt like the snake might want to eat the mouse in the dream. I'm normally not fond of snakes, or any sort of reptile for that matter, but THIS snake was different and I did love it. It was very beautiful to look at. A sort of iridescent glowing white. Its presence didn't feel like that of an ordinary snake, so who knows? At any rate, the thought of feeding it the poisoned mouse never even occurred to me. I was actually afraid that it might try to eat the mouse if given the chance and didn't want to risk either the snake or the dying mouse to be harmed, which is why I took care to close the door when I took the mouse into my room to try and comfort it.
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I thought GMO's too when I read it Elyse. HEre is an article about toxins found in Mac and cheese, even the natural kind. I wonder if this might be related to what you dreamt?
Are the mice representing children or pests I wonder?
If you liked the snake and liked the mice and we know that snakes eat mice it might represent something to do with our food chain.
I also thought a little bit about Disney too. I am not sure why expect the hurricane was heading to Orlando around the time I read the dream.
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Multiple layers to this, covering several aspects. Sometimes our subconscious likes to multitask. Wink

The thing that jumped out at me, however, was how you thought you were doing a good thing(feeding the mice) yet discovered it was actually causing pain and death for the mice. Sooo...are you doing something in your waking life that you feel is something positive but has the potential to be quite negative for you or those around you? That you don't realize could be quite negative, not yet anyway?
Thanks given by: Elyse
ThePaladin, I had given a lot of thought to that myself. If I'm doing something now, I'm not exactly sure what it could be other than me *trying* to be more social and slowly ease into interacting with people more often online via Facebook, Skype and Twitch. This has been my most recent life change. Until more recently, I've kept to myself and avoided much interaction with others both online and in person. I've had friends urge me to share my art and gaming online and I've become more open to it. (Which probably explains the "gaming" theme in the dream.) I can see how this would have its ups and downs... but there is no guarantee that is what is being addressed in the dream.

Throughout my life I have had warning dreams, sometimes years in advance. (The longest being about 5 years in advanced that my grandmother, who was particularly gifted in interpreting dreams, warned me about and I laughed it off...) I'm a bit concerned that on a personal level this dream is one of these warning dreams and so I should be very cautious while making future choices and interactions.
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