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White Buffalo
I almost forgot this one, for it to be 'important' (keep seeing the little calf in my mind...built in reminder, I guess)

The following dream came not last night, but night before. I was shown (yet another) Native Peoples dream, and told it was of 'great significance' that many of them may not see for what it is, even.  As it is perceived in different ways by different tribes, I will preface this to say that I am merely shown these things and they sometimes are better-explained to me, so that I understand how it actually is to be interpreted or how it fits.

The legend of 'the White Buffalo' is one from the Lakota-Sioux Tribe, about the end-times prophecy of a 'White Buffalo' signaling the 'new transitional period'.  I won't go into it further, other than to recommend you (the reader) research the legend so that you better understand in their words what has been said.

The other night, in my dream, I saw a lone white buffalo calf, laying in a field. I newborn, as if he had just arrived to this world. He was not standing yet, but merely laying their still 'looking wet and miserable'.

As he struggled to get to his feet, I heard this, 'this calf is symbolism to you and those who understand, that they will make this come true, and it shall be allowed, for they know not what they do. It will happen in the week, even this day.'

The American Bison (buffalo) was made 'National Mammal of America' (as the Bald Eagle is the National Bird) by the President's signature on May 9, 2016.

I am told that this fulfills the 'white buffalo' vision, for it was not the Native Peoples who made this happen, but that it does fulfill what all have watched for. I also, however, perceive this to not be as good of thing as it is taken to be.
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I agree.
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