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Zero Stars Meme
Zero Stars

We will park info and thoughts about zero stars here as this meme keeps coming back in the dreambot runs.

Dreambot runs

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Thoughts regarding Zero Stars

From 7-17-16
There is a good chance  Zeros Stars will have multiple meaning so I want to throw some thoughts out there.
Stars- this could mean famous people, US states, law enforcement, jewish people, a country with a star/stars, celestial bodies.
Zero Stars-
Re:  something happening with Hollywood type people, a strike, a movie/tv walk out, the targeting of stars by crazies or terrorists
Re:-US states the US country-The targeting of the US or states by terrorists or crazy people.  The taking away of some states rights.
Re: Law enforcement- The targeting of police, desire/attempt to kill law enforcement.  This has already happened this morning in Baton Rouge, 7 hit, 3 killed.
Re-Jewish People (as Eagle has referenced above)- Moses has been in recent runs.  Perhaps there is a migration of Jewish people from a country, city.  Perhaps Jewish people are targeted somewhere.
Re: stars from space- perhaps some news about black holes.  
Also, it could be the removing of a General/s which also is happening in Turkey right now after the coup.

Continuing with this thread we have a succession of thoughts after what occurred in Munich today. Unioncraftsman made a link with the Olympics in Rio, the Rio 27 starred flag, and  Munich Olympic Stadium.  At the moment it concludes with Charlotte loosing the NBA ALL-Star Game.

And more thoughts within the 7-21-16 thread
The power supply issues which may cause issues at Rio.

Wall around Trump Hollywood star

Zero Stars Intention Dream
Thanks given by: ThePaladin , Eagle1 , Cassandra , Goldengirl
Putin says absence of Russian stars damages Rio Games
AFP•July 27, 2016
Thanks given by: Goldengirl
Zero stars could also be weather related? Storm clouds hide the stars or cosmic blocking of the sky?
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Good call Clementine! Because then the next thought I had was nuclear winter, ash from volcanic activity, etc. which would also block out the sky and make for ZERO STARS.
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I remember seeing this title of the meme, and was at a networking event recently for business, when the discussion came up of business reviews and the revamping or new sites for reviews (5 star or diamond service) My mind went exactly to this discussion headline title.
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More fodder for the zero stars.....Today's bot run shows a Eagle (America?) in a big explosion.
Thanks given by: Goldengirl , twiceblessed9
There was some headline yesterday (?) about North Korea saying our participation with South Korea in military exercises was a sign of aggression. I'll have to go find the link, I'm on my phone.
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North Korea: U.S. Military Drills Take Region to 'Brink of War'
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This do not bode well.
(07-29-2016, 07:47 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: More fodder for the zero stars.....Today's bot run shows a Eagle (America?) in a big explosion.
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Hmmmmm interesting. Bookmarked for later review.
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Senior Air Force officials said Wednesday the Air Force will face a shortage of 700 fighter pilots by the end of 2016. That shortfall is estimated to grow to 1,000 by 2022.
Sounds like a "zero stars" headline to me.
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700 sounds like a lot.
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