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Zombies: prank or real life?
I recall being in this auditorium-like arena, and there were many people sitting down. Next thing I recall some people start acting zombie-like and after a while I realized that these were zombified people...but I could not figure out if this was some sort of prank or dramatic act/play or if it was "real" zombie attack. 

Next thing I recall is climbing some short part of the auditorium, like ledge thing, and there was a girl there. I said or someone said something along the line of, "are you going to baptize the people?" regarding astrology.  

Also in another dream fragment for today, I recall something about Bruce Lee or someone like him giving someone a chance to "prove himself" in a fight. 

Note: I was reading astrology stuff last night and watched a show titled "The Strain" two nights ago. 

PS: I have been saying the incubation mantra and still left the paper under pillow, and I was even more specific this time writing, " I will dream of the biggest news headlines for August 5 2015 to August 9 2015" and still don't/have not received any dreams that might be related to world news. 

Today I will be more specific and write, " I will dream and memorize the most popular news headlines for ___(date)___" and will also leave the paper under pillow. I will continue doing that routine for 10 days and hopefully it works out. 
If it does not work after 10 days, I will try another method until I discover one that hopefully works.
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D4: Okay, so it looks like you're still getting some day residue (i.e., the TV shows you are watching are coming through in the dreams). This is important to distinguish the day residue because that will help locate the future-oriented stuff, if there is any in the dream. Here are a couple of questions before you totally disregard this dream:

1. Are there any parts of this dream that were particularly vibrant/vivid/emotional than the rest?
2. What parts of this dream are definitely NOT day residue?
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