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I was my parents ranch house. The property has a main house and several hunter’s houses. Im there with my parents, hubby, children, and a native American couple I don’t know. My mom and the woman have made a huge meal of different types of grilled meats and beans, corn and veggies.  Next thing I know I get to the table to eat and there is one spoonful of one brisket and beans dish left. Im kind of shocked, but I don’t say anything because I don’t want to be rude.

Next I am playing a game outside in the green grass with my kids.  They go inside and I start to clean up.  Theres an aquarium that needs to be put away. I think it has a bunch of flies in it, but when I move it I find it’s bees. I run away fast thinking its hornets, but they aren’t chasing me. I stop and I see them coming. I run into a barn.  In the barn there are cats.  Some very friendly. One particularly pretty brown one is a little skittish so I spend some time and make friends with it.  I notice something is wrong with its eye. I ask it “aww what happened to your eye kitty?”  I hear a voice say “he has had multiple eye infections and the eye is damaged.” The bees had been distracted by something to eat in the front of the barn.  I get some bee spray without thinking about the cats and spray the bees, but then I realize there were some small birds in the mix eating whatever it was.  I feel bad, but its too late to do anything for them now that they’ve been sprayed.  Now the dog is in here too. I need to get something to scoop this big nasty mess out of the barn, but im worried if I leave the dog will eat it.  I risk it and tell him to stay and leave it.  I come back with a shovel and he has dug in the pile and scattered everywhere and even stuck on the walls.  

I go back to the house.  On the way up I see a pair of gold and diamond stud earrings. I pick them up and put in my pocket.  I get to the house and my mom asks me how was dinner. I said I didn’t get any.  She asks why I said there wasn’t any left. It was all gone. We are cleaning up the table. It had a red and white checkered picnic style tablecloth on it. I tell her I found the earrings of course she says yeah I know theyre mine I put them down there.  Im like ok yeah.  

Then I am with my daughter down on the street in front of the house.  We are just sitting there on the street.  Looking up at the big hunters house uphill from us.  I say we should ask if we could have a sleepover campout in there tonight.  My daughter goes to ask my mom.  Then I see someone in the house with her 2 daughters. They are small maybe 4 and 5.  The mom lets the jump out of the house. The first one jumps out on a ladder.  Im terrified as I see her falling. The ladder hits the ground and tips over so the girl hits the curb of the street face first.  Then I look and the second drops down.  When they are falling its like slow motion. She hits the ground and slides down the street. I cant watch.

Then I go up to the house.  The woman is gone but my hubby is there.  I ask him can we have a sleepover campout thing in here tonight. He snaps at me why am I asking him again.  Im like what are you talking about. He snaps at me again. You just came in here and asked me 2 minutes ago.  Im so sick of him talking to me like that I just walk out.  As im walking up to the other house I find another gold and diamond stud earring on the ground. I think I mustve dropped one out of my pocket. I check my pocket and theres 2 cheap little silver colored ball stud earrings in my pocket and im confused. Im sure I put those diamond studs in there.  I check the other pocket and the diamond studs are there.  I go up to the house. Im very frustrated about everything and feeling very left out. Very not a part of everything.  Its like I don’t belong here.  

Then I am driving with my mom on the street.  She says wait! What time did I say we were supposed to eat.  We are driving towards the house.  She sees a red pickup coming toward us very fast. I ask why shes asking about the time. She says that’s "Bucky" coming from the house. She realizes she told some people one time for dinner and some people another time.
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