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Full Version: visitation
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Probably day residue from B'more news but an old friend who has crossed over was there, which is unusual. He's only visited me twice otherwise since he's passed.

We were running from police, they were shooting at us.  Terrified, wee climbed a tree to the very top where their bullets couldn't reach. This is why my friend is there, to help me hide. They finally lost interest and moved along.  We came down from the tree, and were walking along the interstate.  There were police cars everywhere, martial law.  

Now I'm counting out money that has been collected for some purpose I don't understand.  I'm changing small bills for big ones.  I have several 2 dollar bills.  Someone says they are counterfeit.  I'm convinced they are real.  Then I start to receive pieces of mail from an old roommate that I had to kick out for being a violent drunk a couple of years ago.  He's placed items of mine in boxes, mailed them to himself for the date stamp, and now is sending them to me.  They are from 2012.  Then I notice he is in the bush outside my office, watching me count the money and open packages.