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Full Version: Smoked pork buffet
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No intention, Dream date 5/02/2015

In my dream, I was staying at a hotel. I was not with my wife. It was dinner time, and I remembered that there was a place up the road, in a sketchier part of town, that had a good takeout setup, and decided to go there to get a meal. For some reason I thought San Francisco as the city, but I don't know why. I walked up the road, there were tall building on each side. The road did a slight turn to the left, then to the right. The buildings weren't as tall, and I continued until I found the restaurant on the right side of the road.

Upon entering, the place was mostly empty, with a brown carpet and no decor. It had ladies at the front that were cashiers standing behind what was a fold up table, as I recall both were white blonde females, both a little overweight. There was a fold up table to the left of the entrance that had plates, and later I discovered Styrofoam folding boxes that could be used for takeout. The place was setup as a buffet. There were only a couple of tables where you could eat in, but there were large stacks of plates, the takeout Styrofoam boxes were almost hidden and hard to find.

I asked if I had to pay first, I was told no, get my food first. I went over to the table, and at first picked up a plate, but I wanted to take the meal back to my hotel and looked around further. There were some Styrofoam boxes that were subdivided into a main area with two smaller squares in the back, I grabbed one of those.

For some reason I did not think the place I was going to was a buffet. There was one main buffet line in the middle; it had a bunch of side dishes like green beans and mashed potatoes, but I didn't see any meat. I took a spoon of mashed potatoes, but there wasn't any meat.

In the back there were two large steel cylinders that had sliding doors on them. They were divided by about 3 feet. I went to the one on the right and slid it open. Inside I could see there were multiple shelves, each with whole pigs that were being smoked. The pigs weren't too big, about 2-3 feet in size.

I closed the smoker and turned around. I now noticed there was a hot serving area I hadn't noticed before; it was a steel lidded container that could be rocked back. I went to that and rocked it back; inside was a smoke pig. It was whole, except that the back had been cut open so that meat could be removed. There were tongs that could be used to simply pull the pork right off the bones, because the meat was so tender. On the side of the heat tray there were mounds of really long and thick pieces of bacon.

Another patron came by and told me that I had to try the pork. I asked why weren't there ribs, and where was the bar-b-q sauce? The other patron did not have an answer. I used the tongs and grabbed out some pulled pork from the whole pig, but was wondering what I'd use to season it. I believe I sampled some of the pork, it was quite good. NOTE - This is very unusual for me, I almost never eat pork.

I don't recall paying, eating, or returning to my hotel where I'd originally come from.