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I saw a man and wife.  they live in California. I think san Francisco.  they are very wealthy.  Woman is a beautiful blonde.  Man is very handsome.  They have a beautiful blonde daughter.  They had some kind of hormone therapy to have her.  They want to have another child.  They are having trouble.  They are arguing about it.  The woman suddenly stops talking. She turns pale. Then she falls down. But she doesn’t hit the floor. She falls into water and hits a sandy ocean bottom.  The water is crystal clear and shallow like a beach.  
Next scene they are at the doctor. The doctor says the hormone therapy weakened her heart and she had a heart attack. Doing it again will kill her.  This ends up destroying the relationship.  

the next layer...
they are divorced. the woman got the house.  the husband got the child.  the woman is bitter, angry.  she turns the house into a bed and breakfast for same-sex couples.  I see several very famous movie stars come in. they sign the register.  the décor is very ritzy.  very upper class for the rich and famous to get away.  I watch her fussing over a fruit bowl.  she has to make it look just right.  she has to put it far enough from the counters edge that someone - a patron who stays a lot - cant reach it from the couch, because he just sits there and reaches backward over his head to grab a piece, takes a bite and if he doesn't like it, he puts it back in the bowl.
then I see her driving.  shes talking to someone. they ask where they are going. she says LA. the other person says I have been to LA once.  
next I see patrons of her bed and breakfast touring around on a bus.  they hear a commercial come on about the bed and breakfast and all start cheering.
I'm wanting to take this one literally, as if the headline is coming about the people it's written about, but that's me and my hangup of being as literal as possible minus any hunches. I have nada.

What is your vibe or hunch about this one? Number five alive, need input. Big Grin
I felt like this is a true life story that is going to hit the headlines.
(05-03-2015, 05:42 PM)still Wrote: [ -> ]I felt like this is a true life story that is going to hit the headlines.

Yeah, that's the feel of it for me, too.
Very nice to have confirmation so, we watch for it. That UK Mail online site...dang I don't remember the exact url name but anyway, they'll likely be on it. They're like superhuman almost in how they find out about and cover news.