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Full Version: futuristic race
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I saw a girl around 18 in an extremely cold futuristic scene. The government controls everything. It reminds me of hunger games. There is some kind of race track around the city they have to race to survive.  Every third year they have to survive a trek around.  Everyone has a strange cupboard they can keep  their belongings in, but they aren’t allowed to lock them. The police are allowed to look at anything whenever they want. The small cupboard also has their own toilet.  If their cupboard has too much stuff they cant fit in to use the toilet but if they move their stuff out people will see what they have and want to steal it. The girl has lots of candy and cookies and is well prepared to stay alive, but she hangs a blanket around her door to use the toilet. Someone sees her. The person says I know you have lots of candy in there give me some. The girl doesn’t. the person rats her out. Now she has to run the track early.  She doesn’t have good outerwear, but some people feel sad for her and place good equipment around the track for her.  She finds a great coat, gloves, hat, etc as she goes and she survives.  

Next I am in a car. I think it’s a police car.  The car goes through a security gate and behind a large sporting goods store.  There are high concrete dividers to mark where the car can go.  Then I am on the other side of the building in a large parking lot.  There is a red lamborghini in front of me. The guy suddenly slams his brakes at a stop sign and I run into the back of him.  I pull into a parking space and he drives over to where I am. He starts screaming at me how stupid don’t you know how expensive….blah blah blah. I point to my car which is a red Ferrari and im like yeah I get it, but he is still screaming at me. Im just not gonna listen to this guy so I grab my cellphone and start dialing. The phone is a tiny little flip phone but it’s a smartphone. Its looks and operates like an iphone.  I start messing with the phone trying to decide who to call first, police? Hubby? The guy is still yelling at me and now its about me not paying attention to his rant and messing with my phone. Im like dude, im not even gonna listen til you calm down.
I just read your dream! im kinda speechless...this overlapping thing is really new for me!
also #18...your daughter's 18th birthday. my "girl" was 18
This is soo cool! Yet again...

Is "overlap" the "Meme of memes?" LOL~
my oldest daughter is also in her 20's...
oh good you got to go see himSmile

thank you.

you should rest and try to feel better Smile
thanks! Big Grin