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Full Version: frame house
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I am in a house that looks like it isn't finished. theres a floor and ceiling and the rest is just framed out. but they have painted the framework like it was walls.  its a warm climate. everything is lush green outside.  I am cleaning and a boy is helping me, my son I presume.  there is a large kind of room divider painted emerald green.  it is also just framework.  I want to move it to one section of the house but when I put it there it falls over.  finally I just leave it maybe it will fall maybe not.  I am now looking for the coffee pot.  the boy says he cleaned it up yesterday.  he goes and gets it and it is crammed in a corner behind a wood stove.  im like what?!? he says there was no place to put it. I look inside and its all full of dog hair and dirt.  im like what is all this in here.  he says he swept after he put it back there.  then we are on the second floor.  no roof or wall just floor and toys.  the wind is blowing.  he wants to rearrange the room.  theres a rocking chair a dollhouse a book shelf a toy box.  first the rocker.  I move it over by the doll house. but then it becomes like a folding chaise lounge thing and it wont stay up. finally I just leave it.  next I am clearing out the book shelf. it is crammed full of mostly pink stuffed animals. I pull most of them out and think these will go in the toy box because its empty.  as I cleaning those out I see a bouquet of dried roses with eucalyptus in the back. I leave it in there and start putting stuff back in there neatly.  the wind is really blowing and the clouds have rolled in. I wake up.
I tell ya NADW, im feeling all these things, more for humanity in general than for myself alone.
vulnerable, yes. for myself in this new adventure here where we are opening up and sharing our subconscious together. for humankind in that we are entirely all vulnerable to TPTB and what they will have for us - especially for those who are still asleep. I feel like I have an obligation to wake them but they wont listen.
the storm IS coming. im ready enough, but how ready can we really be when we're going into the unknown. the sheeple aren't ready. they are oblivious to the storm. theyre comfy in their blinders and earbuds.
work stress - not exactly. I love my work, but im not getting enough. economy is bad here and as we all know its about to get really really bad. your average Joe cant afford extras.

also, the green flexible wall. green=spring. something is coming soon and we are going to have to adapt, quickly. probably our "walls" will not stand no matter how we try.

mostly pink stuffed animals. pink=blessings. we need to take stock of them, organize them, count them. not put them away in the "toy box"

the rocking chair that collapses into a chaise lounge that wont stay up. our leisure. if we sit around and ignore that storm that's coming, pretty soon we will be lulled to sleep and wont be able to get up despite our efforts.

kinda spooky stuff.

thank you for commenting. sometimes I just write 'em down instead of taking the time and interpreting them.
advice much appreciated Smile
I will likely seek help frequently.