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Full Version: cleaning
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first it was a house my daughter was going to live in. don't know if she rented or bought it. she was moving in herself and her roommates. and finding a place to put everything was a challenge. then we discovered it had another room in the back that was the size of the rest of the house. like a double wide or something.  we got some cool new used stuff for them.  we found a bench seat out of an old chevy pickup and put a cool retro yellow seat cover on it for a couch. we found other blankets and stuff to match it.  
it came with a fridge but my daughter had a fridge of her own that looked better. I moved the fridge out and put the other in.
there ware some shelves on the wall that hadn't been cleaned when the previous tenants left. so I got my ladder and went to work cleaning.  then my mom was there. we showed her around.  I went up the ladder to clean the shelf.  there was a bunch of stuff up there for candy making and candle making. they hadn't even cleaned the tools before they put them away.  some of the stuff I wanted to keep, but I didn't want to have to wash it all.  I was up there so long I began to kind of lose my balance.  I was hopping the ladder around to get where I needed. its easier than going up and down.  
then suddenly that shelf was in a different house.  it was a super nasty house.  the previous owner left everything when they left.  there were boxes and shelves and furniture. everything looked like it hadn't been cleaned it years.
as im cleaning, the new owners show up and want to start moving in. this is extremely stressful.  they are in the way and slowing me down, but I cant really tell them to get out of my way.  they bought the house so technically they own everything in it so now that they are here I have to ask them about everything. do you want to keep this?  
then they start to help cleaning.  
then my dads there too.  for some reason I think about a trip we took once (not a real experience) where we stopped and went to church on a sunday morning on the way to where we were going.  
theres mouse poison all over the floor that needs to be swept and cobwebs.  the tenants are really in my way trying to help.  the more I clean the more stuff I find. theres a shelf in the corner behind the fridge with planters. I grab one and ask the lady if she wants these planters. she says no.  then I notice its full of spiders.  before I can get it to the trash bag one bites me.  then someone calls me to another room and has found a bunch more planters. I said throw them away or keep them if you want.  they said are you sure. I said yes the owner just told me she didn't want the ones I found so just toss them.  and there was a spider that bit me when I was throwing one away.
then I come back to the other room and start cleaning up boxes under desks and stuff.  im finding stuff and asking the owner and she says no so im sorting through it for stuff I want.  there are some antique glass things in there.  stuff that looked really nice when you first look at it, when you move things you find that stuff was hiding damage on the item.
the man and my dad had pulled up carpet and found that the floor was a disaster.  it had been made to look level with some padding and pieces of plywood.