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Full Version: Comes in 3's
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Incubation- need clarity on recent circumstances. 05/09/15 p.m and a.m.
I am keenly 'aware' of the ritual magic of three. Things have been happening personally in  three for the last 33 days- glass breaking [metaphor for sharp-endings? or danger perhaps], dream symbols, and literal time.

Putting it all together this morning I was going to keep this as a 'privately journal-ed dream sequence' yet something I 'saw' in my dream happened as I just got up so I decided to document.

I am at work. Lunch hour. Have to get my messages off my voice-mail and clear up my desk. I reach for the phone but it is gone. No where to be found. How will I retrieve the messages?
The mail run comes in.
I am handed a butt load of gray envelopes. Mine are light gray, I see my sister's is darker gray, there are some linen blue gray. All are formally addressed and look to be legal (official?) papers.
{metaphor- gray- uniforms? or > Will, detachment, deliberation/analysis}
An attorney instructs me to sign an affidavit/notice in one of the light gray envelopes that was already opened (public knowledge?) I smirk and retort, " Really? Why would I  A. need you as an attorney, B. would I ever sign what ever this is without reading it first? You must think me a fool. You're fired".

I was led to an outside area that looked to be high desert, baron, dry, hot. I see an Army corps of engineers digging, building, planting. I was told those papers authorized the project that I refused to sign. I asked them why on earth would they be planting a garden in the middle of a desert!? There is no water!.
Retort from a colonel, "That will not be an issue, we have it all covered".
I see dirt filled into the side of a cliff with fresh planting in it. I am told not to step on them.
Why are they planting on a sharp inclined hill? It will all wash out. Doesn't make sense.

Then I see engineers. fork lifts putting up a thatch and mud roof, walls and enclosures- This is all
going underground!.
What are they expecting? No one will disclose. Top secret.

It felt like a mudslide from a natural disaster that the ACE was taking advantage of for preparing to survive.

When I got up this morning to go into the kitchen I reached for the phone to see that it was gone. It is a cordless and off the cradle. I had to hunt for it before having my coffee. I was startled at the resemblance from the dream last night.
I haven't had a chance to look at any news articles yet for bad weather, earthquakes, or mudslides or headlines.
On a personal level, my grandson's cat disappeared three days ago. On incubating or remote viewing where he could be, three successive nights the farm foreman appeared with: 1. ripped up pieces of paper (message?) 2. a menacing looking army rifle (day residue from a movie) 3. [last night] the word, "Susanne'.
In the dream of the ripped paper, I was dreaming I was awake on the side of  my bed watching the gal rip up the paper. She saw me through the curtains so swept up the mess. When I saw her clean the mess, I was aware I was still dreaming but awake in my dream. I laid back down to continue sleeping but still aware I was asleep.   Very ODD.
Oh the synchronicity. I was enamored by the title of this dream, because...
Eagle1, this is almost unbelievable!! this quote from the link of yours..

"Eight years later, the competition to observe a series of Efimov states has ended in a photo finish. “What you see is three groups, in three different countries, reporting these multiple Efimov states all within about one month,” said Chin, who led one of the groups. “It’s totally amazing.” ( source )

I tripped over so much technical jargon but got the gist of it, barely. Thanks...forever learning.
I bookmarked this article. Right up my alley- cool beans, thanks chief.
the next day- (yesterday)
A woman from up north came to visit the farm for lunch. Upon her arrival she mentioned that she saw an orange cat on  the foreman's roof . Yes the very person I had three dreams of three days before the lost cat allegedly 'appeared'. It was gone by the time my grandson got up there, wondering if it was just an apparition -ghost. he was gone for three days now.
I walked down to the lower pastures  next to the lake (yes there IS water in a lake and in the bottom field) to make sure there were no body parts from a coyote feast. Standing in the hip high grasses, the wind began to blow moving the seeding heads of the grasses in tandem and clumps of color. From the hilltop it all looks green, yet up close each seeding grass top is Light grey, blue grey, dark gray, and a whitish color of broken open seeds. Metaphor--> opened mail, gray envelopes...seed envelopes? What was the message?
I shuddered at the symbols coming forward yesterday and began looking at weather reports and earthquake watches...flooding, mudslides, reasons for planting gardens in odd places, or the need to go underground.
No headlines, just life-dreams are blending realities. No dream categories for that.

(05-10-2015, 01:24 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: [ -> ]Oh the synchronicity. I was enamored by the title of this dream, because...
Here is that EARTHQUAKE- [3]- three weeks later- landslides, mountainsides high altitude and all. Lots of things buried again. It would take a global army corps of engineers to dig it out and rebuild.