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Full Version: 27yr. old daughter's first warning dream~
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She is not known to have the gift of prophetic dreaming. Only dream remembered that came true was as a newlywed, she dreamed her first child would be a boy that looked much like his dad. But..what are the ods? so doesn't prove anything.

She awoke this morning in this dream. She and her sister were in a house together, couldn't tell if it was the one she currently resides in. Her sister told her something about "the administration" being about to do something. (This sister is not into current events/politics at all)

Her sister told her "you've got to get out of here."

Our 27yr. old, the mother of our only grandchild and her hubby live near Annapolis, Maryland between DC and Baltimore.

The ominous, strong feeling that our daughter got and fact she will not take the time to report her dream is the reason I felt strongly about doing it for her.
I do not know. She doesn't know if it's a long-term or short-term warning. She's married to a wonderful fella, couldn't feel more at peace with him as her mate. Does he take dreams seriously? Will he? I'm waiting to chat more with her when she's alone and it's not a "Happy Mothers' Day" call.
NADW, gal I thank you most-sincerely. Prayer is the greatest gift we can be given besides patience which is Love, IMO. I treasure folks that pray for me.

I've got to talk to her about this tomorrow. She called when I still had the sleepy-sand in my eyes. I'm now thinking she Maybe! said that in the dream she and her sister were back here in this home that they lived in for a lot of years, before marrying/moving.

Dreams can be symbolic, etc. So, IF my hunch is right and she said that, is it likely that this means that the area here that her dad and I are in, is threatened? OR....can it still mean that she is threatened where she is, no matter what house she was in, in this dream??
NADW/anyone reading, daughter said today that it felt like she was in the last home she lived in with us, here where I live now.

Is it more likely that she's threatened now, where she lives or that the location she lived in at home is threatened? I'm 50/50, dunno.
Ah, so this isn't necessarily a personal warning dream to her about herself. Thank you~