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Full Version: bathroom green tube
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First thing I remember is that I am looking through the eyes of a tall thin girl with long blonde hair. I see her in the mirror. I have run into a bathroom and shut the door.  Im wearing a bikini and picking at these white head/ingrown hair things around my bikini bottom.  As im doing this someone tries to open the door.  I say stop and slam myself against the door and manage to lock it.  Then I need to use the toilet but it cant flush. Someone has thrown a gift bag into the toilet and when I try to flush after 3 times the gift bag goes down but theirs 2 large turds (sorry) that wont go down.  It seems theres someone else in the bathroom now, as I am trying to explain that I didn’t do this.  
Next thing I remember is a man with a long green tube.  Its snakelike.  Hes using it to make an outline of something on the ground.  Maybe the USA I think in the dream, but then I wake up.
As im dosing off I see a portal. It looks like the ones in the stargate. I am looking at it and someone says “read it”.  I start to read it. It has a date. Then I wake up again.
Um, Still....I think it's now official. You must be keenly connected to the collective dreamscape!

Today's run includes phrases like:

"figure mirror vision smile hallway"
"daughter dancing dawn sex attractive"

(bikini): "activity burning sun since wear example"

Also, in reference to the portal: "longest class ghosts demon exploration"

Maybe your dream gift here is being able to help us highlight what's most important in these daily bot runs?!!
tell me what I can do to help. Smile
Keep your eye out for headlines that seem to match the overlap between your dream and the lingo. I think we might eventually be able to determine if the lingo that matches your dreams is much more relevant to short-term future headlines or not. If so, then everyday it would become a standard to compare your dream with this lingo in order to help sift out that which has a higher probability of coming true.
ok Smile
Interesting that the man was not using this tube to unclog the plumbing issue! Reading the dream, coulda sworn that was what it was going to say, but nope.
I think the green tube is related to jade helm and tunnels, and portals.

the woman in the bikini - sunbathing. the weird skin issue was just weird. the places on her skin weren't like pimples being inflamed and red, but like worms...I cant describe. it was nothing like ive seen. like the hair growing in each pore was somehow growing a worm looking thing, and some were bigger than others. it was like the sun had caused this skin disease.
the gift bag in the toilet - flushing a gift? maybe a bad gift? but she said she didn't do it? why would the bag flush but not the refuse?

with the lingo that eagle mentioned it makes me think of a big solar flare. but im not very good at the lingo thing.

I tried to go back and get more info about the portal, but I didn't get the same info about it. I will try to get to read it again - I almost had it.
Your description of what the things growing in her skin looked like brought that claim of "Morgellons" disease to mind. Wonder if they were fiber-like.

They meaning of a gift flushing and the **** not, when that is the desired/needed thing to happen....well, it's the times we're living in, and it's Jade Helm, too.
Tyranny seeks to take away our comfort zone and to silence our gifts of intuiting/seeing/gifting our light to others, and to bring us the **** while they live in luxury and safety.
ok NADW thank you Smile

nanny I have seen that morgellons stuff. freaky. maybe. it was definitely something having to do with sunbathing which we do outside where chemtrails are...not sure why only around the bottom suit piece.

I get the feeling also nanny that its representing collective innate gifts and people are willing to flush it all away for the "poo" that doesn't matter like the newest tech gadgets and stuff the world has to offer. people are willing to give up everything for their comfy life style.
Ah, I dig what the gift in the toilet represents to you and your vibe about it! That makes sense. Yep, The Good Side of The Force is often casting pearls before swine when gifting folks, but where there's life there's hope for them.