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Full Version: earthquake tsunami prison chains
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restless sleep. everytime I closed my eyes I saw visions. one right after the other.  the first few I remember, but then I was too exhausted.

first I saw the sky. it was dark.  somethings weird. I cant tell what but its bad. I can feel it. someone trying to tell me something.  

next I saw an explosion on the horizon.

next i saw an earthquake.  huge.  buildings crumbling.  

next I saw a tsunami.  

a woman bound in chains. she was muddy, filthy.  she had been tortured.  she gave in.  and they were forcing her to eat corn.
Monsanto corn would fit the theme.
that's what I think - Monsanto - poison - genetic engineering
Am so sorry you have to see all of this. (This goes for all of you that have to see such future realities in this manner.)

Mama-Earth's poppin with quakes right now, and so this post of yours felt a bit more immediate. I guess that's because for years so many have been seeing tsunami with some of the quakes. (Even I dreamed tsunami years ago, before I realized what I was dreaming, like gee that was ominous feeling tide and why was I up so high watching it?! duh at myself)

I have a bit of a bad feeling that Japan's the next major action--again. But, thankfully not all of my "feelings" are accurate hunches. Earlier, reading someone, may have been Eagle1 asking someone "where" or soemthing, I think it was about quakes or those and other things...Japan/Fukushima popped into my mind. Then hours later found a 6.8 in Japan, but a few hundred miles from Fukushima thankfully.

I selfishly hope you get more about the quake.
I hope I see more of it too, sooner than later