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I specifically asked to dream about what would be the first thing for us to look for as a sign that the bad things were starting.  I asked for something that would happen in may.
I walked over to my boys, who were playing ball with some boys. The weather was cool like spring. I was wearing a jacket.  It was afternoon/evening.  The grass and trees were green.  I told one to go get the ball. The ball was orangish color.  He ignored me. I told the other to get it. He ignored me.  I stomped off to get it myself. One of the other boys said oh shes pissed.  When I picked up the ball the younger boy knew I was going to throw it away.  He came running after me in the middle of the street.  I yelled at him get out of the street 3 times. I threw the ball across the cross street into a field. Then he was about to run straight into the cross street. I yelled get out of the f*ing street!   Then the scene of my son was in slow motion.  He was still running and I saw a man on a chariot with a dapple grey horse.  There were grey birds all around him.  When he was still far in the sky I yelled Jesus! Jesus!  I thought it must be time to go.  Then I thought oh maybe I died. There was a bright flash of light like when something enters our atmosphere.  He was a lot closer to me now and I could see a cloud of green fog around him.  He rode past me, then stopped and looked back.  I didn’t say anything in confusion.  Then I woke up.

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I'd say the pale horse is quite a sign, not to mention the constant onslaught of negativity in the dreambot linguistics of late. I VERY much appreciate you incubating this dream, Still.
Thank you for your post. In the past few years I have had 2 visions of Jesus coming back. When I saw him in these visions, I see his warrior side with his amber colored eyes flashing with the fire of indignation. It is hard to put into words the emotion he is feeling.

I DO NOT want to be here when the war starts. After each vision and every now and then, I ask the question "will the rapture happen in my lifetime" and the answer is always yes. I am 57.
The four horsemen of the apocalypse:

The first horse is a pale horse, the horse of conquest.

Behold a Pale Horse
Flash in the sky and then the pale horse. Still, my strong hunch is that this is Wormwood crashing into one of our oceans with a gigantic loss of life. (if so, this sure may be "The Great Warning" that Catholics and others are expecting in which they believe that it's God's thump on every shoulder to notice Him, and get our lives cleaned.)
Thanks for sharing. Yes, I understand. When I met Jesus, I knew who he was without having to ask. We talked for a long time before he healed me and sent me back to my ICU bed to wake up. Over the years I have forgotten some of it and have to refer back my writings on it. Some things, I will never forget. Let me know if you want to read my story about it.
Julie, would you have classified your experience as a near death experience (NDE) or an out of body experience? I'm enthralled in these types of stories.
DLP, I agree. the first horse. He looks like a savior and then shows himself to be a plague - the plaguebringer. that's why I was confused. when he was far away I couldn't tell the difference but then when he was closer I knew.

Julie, when I have seen Jesus it has been in other forms, usually as my favorite uncle and the scene is always snowy white.

Nanny, I didn't think of that at all. I will have to ponder this some more. he definitely came with death, maybe the clue here is that when he reveals himself into the world that wormwood comes at the same time. I think about how the events will unfold all the time and try to put them in order with the visions I have seen.

windy, I didn't know any of that. im going to go read it when I finish this post. thank you.

thank you all for your input. always appreciated Big Grin
Still, I consider it a NDE because the doctors were giving me 4 hours to live. And a Healing Experience because Jesus healed me.
Still, I would not have strongly felt this is Wormwood without the flash in the sky along with the Pale horse. Wormwood brings death in our oceans as well as humans. Surely that's gonna be a heckuva visible flash being a comet or asteroid.

Julie, your story sounds awesome and it would be wonderful to read it but don't know if it's being offered for general consumption. Of course, no! offense if not. Oh, the things Jesus and you must have shared about.....
Windy - Thanks for the links. Interesting reading.