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Again, I specifically asked to dream about signs to watch for, warnings.
Was touring a Japanese restaurant in japan.  I was some type of dignitary.  No one else was there but me and the owner.  The dining areas were laid out in a circle and the kitchens were in the center.  As we walked he told me about each area. He had built the entire restaurant himself.  Each stone placed by him. There were walls that were made mosaic style with small glass beads.  There were hand pounded copper side tables.  There was one dining section like a benihana, where the chef prepares the food you order right at your table.  These tables were made so that in front of each patron was a small fire pit. I cant describe it.  One section had massive hand carved ebony pillars. One had massive hand carved mahogany doors.  When we got back around to the front there was a table set for a meal and people had come in.  they were all Japanese except me.  We all sat down.  I took my shoes off under the table O.O  they were tan stilettos.  Then the woman – the owners wife – said before we eat we dance.  I was surprised by this.  I started trying to put my shoes back on. Everyone else was up from the table and I still didn’t have my shoes back on.  I was embarrassed and had to use my hand to get one of them.  Finally, I got up and the woman gave the directions for the dance.  She said first 2 steps this way then 2 steps back then little tiny steps that don’t move you from your position like this.  I followed along.

japan - the house of the rising sun.  sun in the bot runs?
As I read, I kept expecting the roof to cave in or floor to violently shake. But I now suspect that the fact you dreamed of japan at all is a signal to watch for trouble there. Your dream didn't indicate trouble, it's that Ed Dames' Remote viewing team saw that Japan's economy or currency crash before ours does, and I *think he said then the domino effect goes around the globe.

Watch japan, that's what he said and your dream surprisingly was about that nation per your intent.

But, what did YOU get from your dream?
the restaurant represents cern - the portal. the kitchen's in the middle - where they do the cooking. a fire pit in front of each patron - danger for everyone involved. dignitaries, extravagant detailing - elitists. the table was set - its time. first we dance - they did the dance at cern when it was time to re-start the machine. the dance of their mascot, shiva. 2 steps forward and 2 steps back then the little steps that don't change your position - its the dance of the details that aren't quite in place yet.

japan exactly? its important. somehow key to the whole program.
I just discovered that about 45th latitude runs though Yellowstone, CERN, and mt Rishiri, Japan, the very far north. there are a few exclusive 5 star resorts in the area. looking for pictures that look like what I saw.

I had a vision of a volcano erupting off the coast of japan. I was in Tokyo, but that may have been so that I knew it was japan, since ive never been there.
Still, your assessment of your dream is brilliant, gal. It so very much computes.

Japan! watch Japan because your dream brought it front and center, oh in more ways than one. Wink

Oh my, here's a tad of synchronicity! Dig the quote on this CERN page..."JADE" is part of the Japanese CERN connection.

"“There is significant overlap of this new office agreement with an EC-funded project starting in 2015 called E-JADE (Europe-Japan Accelerator Development Exchange Programme), which supports the exchange of key researchers in the field of accelerator science between Europe and Japan,” he says.

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