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Full Version: desert europe move
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I was in a desert in a line of people walking somewhere.  We had to stay in line on this path. On my left was a barbed wire fence. The wind was blowing harder and harder.  The sand storm was making it harder to stand as we trudged into the wind. We were wearing robes, Blue and white. Pretty soon we were crawling, digging into the sand with our hands to help us.  I wanted to go faster than the old man in front of me.  But we had to stay on the path.  Pretty soon I went around him anyway. Then I noticed blood in the sand.  My fingertips were bleeding.
Next scene, I have got to the building where we were crawling to.  It reminds me of a bank lobby.  My cell phone rings.  I press through the line ahead of me. Im like im not trying to go before you I just need to sit on the bench and answer my phone.  Its my mom. She says we are moving to Europe. At first im kind of excited.  Europe – an adventure.  Then. Im at my house, still in the desert and not any real house ive ever lived in.  I talk to my parents. I ask where in Europe.  My dad says it looks like we are going to spain.  Mom says we will live in the mountains and (my brother) will live on the plains and be able to get a good job.  I say I am not going. My dad says we are all going. I say I am 18 and I am not going. I go to my room and i think about how I will get an apartment and stay here.  I look out the window and now the the storm has turned to a snow storm.  The sand is covered with a couple feet of blowing snow and the sun is still shining.  I see a map of spain.  I think its weird that my brother is going because he is 46.  Then I start to think about this dream I am having, while I am still dreaming, and how strange it is that my brother – who is actually 7.5 years younger than me and 39.5 in real time – is 46 in this dream and I am 18.