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Full Version: "Friendly" Fire
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No intention.

I am in some sort of military practice. I am hiding behind a small building or big object...

I'm waiting for the signal to run from point A here to point B which is a two-story building where my pretend enemy is located. There's the signal! I run hard. It's not that far, but it seems like an eternity. Oh crap, they're shooting at me! Oh wait, those are just blanks. I guess they have fake tear gas bombs to simulate bullets. DAMN THOSE ARE CLOSE TO ME! Why is this taking so long....

Suddenly, my awareness shifts to up on the hill. I'm clearly out of my body because I'm now looking towards my old position, but I'm behind one of my fellow patriots about a 1/4 mile from where I was before. He has a radio and begins talking. I can't remember the exact words he used, but I specifically remember the point he was making. He identified me as dead....actually dead (not a simulation). He is accusing the perpetrators of using real and deadly ammunition instead of the blanks.

They are calling it friendly fire, but my fellow patriot and me know better....someone did this on purpose.

No day residue for this one.
Good to see I'm not the only one dreaming about training exercises. People are going to have to pick a side and stick with it. Time to 'get off the fence' kind of thing.

Also, I would like to understand better, some of the terms being used in the forum when people post dreams. What is "Day Residue" & "Incubation" in relation to dreams?
egle1, I dreamed this last night.
in my dreams of wars and battles I saw people killing their own "clans" - family members, close friends...

edit: I know how to spell

I had the UCLA sniper dream the other day. Not a training exercise but became a war.
I have been thinking a lot lately about Native Americans in the time that the Europeons came here. I think about how it must have felt to have everything you know changed in such a short period of time. How it must have felt to be in a constant state of preparedness for war and not being able to just enjoy life.
Eagle1, do you have any thoughts you can share on this dream that aren't too personal or wise to be classified for any reason?

Oh bummer, this cannot likely be very far into our future. Subversives need us all at each other and bible speaks of blood running as high as a horse's bridle but for a short time, thankfully.
Anyone with eyes can see that the attack on youth has turned the kids against parental values, etc...and a lot of parents are worth being "turned-on."

(05-18-2015, 10:03 AM)still Wrote: [ -> ]egle1, I dreamed this last night.
in my dreams of wars and battles I saw people killing their own "clans" - family members, close friends...

edit: I know how to spell

Nanny, I don't think I really do. I haven't been reading or worried about Jade Helm at all. I haven't been watching movies or TV. This dream literally just came out of nowhere. It was vivid. I had no problems remembering it despite waking up, peeing, then going back to bed and having yet another dream (except that second dream I don't even remember!)

Yep, this one is special. I will reflect about what it might mean for me and/or future events. Oh, by the way, fear was NEVER part of the picture. Strangely, spite nor anger was not a part of the dream, either. It was like an emotionless dream. Really weird, considering the revelations that came out in the dream.

STILL: Our dream overlap is incredible, I think. We need to keep these links well documented for ease of locating the referenced dream. Your dream is here:   Wow, big overlap!
Eagle1, it's likely a personal dream, only. Beautiful! no fear or emotional baggage with this one. Must be one huge metaphor, but then we meditators can handle some heavy personal tests, very well.
Hmmm, sounds like a rock sold statement, there Nanny! At this juncture, I believe you're correct!
My sense is you picked up on an actual event where you were in the body of someone else. Whether it's already happened or has yet to happen, don't know at this point.
DLP - Yes, I have felt the same way in that I feel like I am in another persons body sometimes in dream time.
Years ago I had a stranger tell me that I am a Walk-in. Maybe that has something to do with our ability to walk into another persons being without disturbing them.