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Full Version: Out the escape hatch!
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Much needed nap.

Lolly gagging through an airport with two kids (they are my kids in real life). Inner sirens started going off. No loud noises in the airport, but something big was about to happen. I was intuiting it in the dream. Inside of me, loud buzzers were going off. I suddenly knew what we had to do. I didn't want to tell the kids...first off, I didn't have time. Secondly, I didn't want to get them scared. All we had to do is find it....

I started running down the hallway. No one anywhere. Oops, this hallway is a dead end. I saw tram tracks, sort of like a commuter train. Ugh, smells like urine. I hold my kids' hands....we run back towards the other direction. Hard to explain, but weird, big stair-type platforms going up. I know our escape hatch is up there. If only I knew exactly where. The steps are getting taller. Kids can't quite jump up high enough, so I have to manually put them up to the next level each time.

Oh my gosh, time is running out. No one else has found this place, I'm surprised we made it! Wait...did we find the right place? Quick....almost here!! Run! Dream ends.