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Full Version: Underground Railroad
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I'm in a large indoor sports stadium, the kind with multiple levels, ramps and hallways that go different directions. It's a multi-national sporting event with tight security. Housed beneath is all are groups of people in what felt like detention awaiting transfer. They are brown-skinned people that could have been indigenous Central or South Americans, Africans, Middle Easterners, or even descendents from these heritages. I finagle my way past security checkpoints to see these people in detention. One of them is holding a red, white, and blue flag like the USA flag. Then later, I see the same people in what appears to be an underground subway system. Either someone asks me or I have the thought, “What’s going on here?” I spot the one person who was carrying the flag previously in one of the railway cars and think it's ironic that they are in an Underground Railroad, because this railroad isn’t leading to freedom, but to slavery.
Check this out. A bunch of darker-skinned, multi-nationals trapped / detained inside a sports stadium in Greece:
OMG! This article is just heartbreaking. The migrants who have nothing are being treated like cattle. Greece, which has no money, attempting to care for an apocalyptic mass of people swarming their country and no means to do so.
What to do?
Don't worry, this is coming to a land near us....eventually. Sorry there's cynicism again, I do share your sentiment for these helpless souls.